21 rules for Bartenders and Bar Owners - from 1884.

From the Book: "The Complete Bartender -  The Art of Mixing plain and fancy Drinks" - Albert Barnes,  Metropolitain Hotel New York City, 1884:

The Bartender's Bible Maxims

  1. Be neat and clean in dress
  2. Keep your bar in the same condition
  3. Keep your tumblers free from finger marks and grease.
  4. Have your bottles carefully labelled and in their proper places
  5. Should you keep a fancy bar, see that the various articles are arranged to the best advantage.
  6. Keep your mirrors like polished gold, for they are the most noticed of all adornments
  7. See that the floor is well kept and the spittoons in such places that the customers will not fall over them
  8. Be polite and attentive, but not intruding
  9. Know when to talk and when to keep silent
  10. Avoid profanity in yourself, do not notice it in others
  11. Drink as little as possible behind your own bar
  12. Keep pure liquors for a good trade.
  13. Never overcharge a stranger
  14. Do not encourage arguments, and when in one be uncommittal
  15. Be as honest to yourself as to your customers. This rules works both ways.
  16. A poor man may be a gentleman, as well as a rich one - don't forget it.
  17. Know your rights and protect them.
  18. Regular hours for business, and attend to your business.
  19. Look cheerful and happy, even thought you feel blue and heavy.
  20. Always keep sober
  21. Never sell to a drunkenk man, by so doing you place yourself within the power of the law

I found this as a scan at the Canadian Professional Bartender Association. Cheers to Canada ! Go and visit them at FB : www.facebook.com/canadianbartenders

I love 16... but, to be honest. I love them all!

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