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A Christmas gift by Robert Hess: The Gin Basil Smash, a modern Classic, on Small Screen Network

I just woke up and already got my first christmas present! I became a few notifications from friends of Le Lion that Robert Hess just published a new drinks video on Small Screen Network. Wow. It is a great feeling to see a person I look up to since +10 years and learned so much from making your drink, calling it a modern classic and finally loving it ... Thanks Robert ! Will be hard for Santa to beat you.

Mario Kappes will leave Le Lion • Bar de Paris and starts to work as a Brand Ambassador for BORCO MARKENIMPORT

Wow. It’s a little bit hard for me to write this news today. Don’t get me wrong, I am suffering from a short night and a medium size hangover. (Did we really had caramel flavored vodka shots at the end?). After Mario told me yesterday that he will leave Le Lion end of march 2016 to start working as a Brand Ambassador at BORCO MARKENIMPORT I needed a little moment to get thinks sorted. Very very sad news - for sure.  But than I decided: it is time to celebrate !  So Mario, Hendrik and me started a little night out. To say Thank you to Mario on one side and also, far more important, to celebrate what he has archived in the past which now brings him a very interesting career opportunity for him and his family. To celebrate Marios future, because I am also a little bit proud what Mario, as the longest Member of Team Le Lion has archived in the last couple of years. I knew that Mario was negotiating with BORCO about a future career „outside“ the bar for a couple of