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How to become a bartender at Le Lion. Hendriks way and his Amber Cocktail

Less than two years ago, a young man asked me if he could start working as a bar back at our Boilerman Bar in Eppendorf. Today Hendrik Albrecht is a very talented young bartender at Le Lion • Bar de Paris. Over the last eight years, I learned a few lessons. I learned to step back, I learned to build a team. I learned that it is important to let the people behind my bars grow, to grow the bars and teams themselves. A few weeks ago, we put Hendriks first drink creation on our Le Lion Menu. AMBER. Today, Hendrik can easily take over a bar shift at Le Lion at a very crowded weekend. And believe me - it is VERY crowded. I love to watch him producing hundreds of perfect cocktails on this nights. And he is just 23 years old. Amazing. And me, Mario Kappes and Andrej Busch can't wait to see the next talent stepping behind our bars. We have great Team at Le Lion • Bar de Paris and THE BOILERMAN BAR. Standing ovations to all of them. But today, I give all tribute to Hendrik. A you