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A discussion about woman in the bar industry

Last night I was part of a discussion on facebook. It took place at Christine Williams profil - find a link here:…/…/10221226072987813… I became quite emotional because the tone used in this discussion was very disrespectful. People called Charles Schumann "Prick" "Ashole" "Trash" and more. I felt to join in, as this made me angry. Charles Schumann is a friend of mine. I respected him for years. He did and does so many things for our industry. And supported many young, old, male, female bartenders in many ways like only a few of us did in the past. And he still continues to do so. In his daily actions and work Charles is always supporting women. But regarding the discussion, I like to set a few things straight: Charles sentence/quote „women should not work behind a bar beyond 3 pm" in that film and quotes given in interviews in this regards are misogynist. Julie Reiner and Christine Williams are right to point …