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Another Limited Edition by Tanqueray: OLD TOM Gin - Why I will not stock it...

today I received a phone call from a very nice gentleman, responsible for DIAGEO RESERVE BRANDS, here in Hamburg. "Joerg, I would like to inform you, that we will release Tanqueray OLD TOM Gin in the next few days in germany. It is a classic OLD TOM Gin, a modern interpretation of an old recipe by Charles Tanqueray, developed by great Master Distiller Tom Nichols, sweetened and flavoured with fine extracts of fresh pineapple and botanicals. It is a limited edition like Malacca. If you like too, you can subscribe for 30 bottles per bar, making 60 together for Le Lion and THE BOILERMAN BAR. Price will be around 32,50 € per liter. 100.000 bottles will be done globally. Should I put you up for 60 bottles on the list? Great that this guy asking me and for sure, what great Tom Nichols touches, will taste good. But I was thinking: I its the same conditions like for  Tanqueray Malacca a little ago. At the Malacca release I had the change to subscribe for 60 bottles for around 30 €

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