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How Gary Vaynerchuck will change the restaurant / bar world - New RESY app is game changing

I just read an interessting article on about RESY - a new restaurant reservation app made by Gary Vaynerchuk and Ben Leventhal.  Open Table, is maybee the most popular restaurant reservation system in europe this day.  And many of this systems poping up. Buthopefully this system will change now. Thanks to  I 100% love the idea behind Gary's App. It is game changing. I promise!

In a short way: The Restaurant is not paying a fee for the reservation system. No - its the other side arround: Guests pay for good tables in great retaurants. For sure, this has to start in a place like NY. This will only work in a city where cool people are willing to spend extra money to get a good table in a good restauratn last minute. And this is game changing to me and I love the way Gary and Ben think about this ... go, read the article.

I hope, this idea will become popular in europe as well.  I love it. I love the thinking behind it. Well done Gary and Ben !

Interview with Vince from the Bartender Journey Podcast

A few weeks ago I discovered a great podcast - called the bartender journey - done by two great bartenders from the New York Area: Vince and Vano. While I was in Moscow I had the please to give Vince a Skype interview. P.S. You find the Bartender Journey also as a podcast on itunes.

Part one is about Le Lion, a little bit about our philosophy and the way which bartender we like to employ.


Second Part is about the Bacardi Legacy and the Club de Cantineros


Inviatation to the Bar Symposium Warsaw and a little rant on the liquid brands of poland

Dear Bartenders, dear friends of the liquid world,

an inviatation and a little rant on the liquid brands from poland.

Never forget: Brands need Bartender - Bartender do not need brands !

So please join us for agreat come together and experience exchange, at least the most Rock 'n Roll barshow of 2014 on the 26th and 27th of may in warsaw. Infos:

Here is the schedule:


Poniedziałek 26 maja 2014 / Monday 26th May 2014

12:00 Otwarcie BSW 2013

12:30 – 13:15 - Leszek Stachura – "Be Seducive" - Body language in a bartenders' life.

13:45 – 14:15 - Steve Schneider - Three-Dimensional Bartending.

14:45 – 15:30 - Adam Grądziel & Jakub Kozłowski - Wejście Z Buta - Od Pisklaka Do Koguta

- czyli o tym, jak doszło do Pierwszego Piania na Kruczej.

16:00 – 16:45 - Joerg Meyer – The history of highballs.

Wtorek 27 maja 2014 / Tuesday 27th May 2014

12:00 Otwarcie BSW 2013

12:30 – 13:15 - Joerg Meyer – The Boilerman Bar.


Video: Our talk at re-publica 2014:on drug dealing, user experience, changing wikipedia and headphone discos

re:publica 2014 - Untenable stories and strong drinks
Matthias Bauer (Hacker & Le Lion regular) & Mr. Meyer (overweight waiter & dealer) presenting at Stage 4 / republic 2014 the most liquid keynote ever done ...

Into the WILD - the last legal drug. @moeffju and @joergmeyer talk at #rp14

Welcome to the Bartender Jet Set!

Just finished my final daquiri at the Bacardi Legacy 2014 in Moscow. The next 24 hours will be: 4 hours of sleep. airport, flight moscow to berlin, coffe, preparing the service of 1000+ drinks, going on stage with awesome Matthias Bauer for our re:pulica Talk 2014 "Untenable stories and strong drinks" , 1/2 hour of after show drinking, taxi, airport, flight berlin Moscow, Interconti Hotel Moscow, Shower, breakfast, -> Judging the Global Finals of the Bacardi Legacy Competion!

If you like to join: have a look at for the live stream or follow #bacardilegacy to see whats going on in moscow.

This is what we talk about:

"There are a good number of amazing bars serving awesome drinks by wonderful people in beautiful surroundings. Also, there are a lot of “home bartenders” who invest a lot of time and money in reproducing or improving the bar experience for their house guests. Lastly, there is a huge online community con…

Interview with Arijit Bose, Bartender CPO Bar, New Dehli, India.

Currently I am in Moscow, judging the gloabl finals of the Bacardi Legacy 2014. I had the joy to meet Arijit Bose from New Dehli and we sit down for a small talk. I really enjoyed the different view from a indian bartender - I hope you do as well!

The modern Cantineros de Cuba mix a Cocktail at Emilio Bacardis gravesite

I love this video. The modern cuban cantineros celebrate a bacardi cocktail with a bacardi heritage bottle at the gravesite of Emilio Bacardi - a cuban fighter for independent and the major of Santiago de Cuba.  But what I love most, is that they mix it with a Havana Club ice box next to it.

They care about history, but they do not care about politics. They care about a good drinks. That is what real bartenders care about. Bravo!

Beitrag von Raul Dominguez.