Into the WILD - the last legal drug. @moeffju and @joergmeyer talk at #rp14

Welcome to the Bartender Jet Set!

Just finished my final daquiri at the Bacardi Legacy 2014 in Moscow. The next 24 hours will be: 4 hours of sleep. airport, flight moscow to berlin, coffe, preparing the service of 1000+ drinks, going on stage with awesome Matthias Bauer for our re:pulica Talk 2014 "Untenable stories and strong drinks" , 1/2 hour of after show drinking, taxi, airport, flight berlin Moscow, Interconti Hotel Moscow, Shower, breakfast, -> Judging the Global Finals of the Bacardi Legacy Competion!

If you like to join: have a look at for the live stream or follow #bacardilegacy to see whats going on in moscow.

This is what we talk about:

"There are a good number of amazing bars serving awesome drinks by wonderful people in beautiful surroundings. Also, there are a lot of “home bartenders” who invest a lot of time and money in reproducing or improving the bar experience for their house guests. Lastly, there is a huge online community concerning bars, bartending, cocktails, spirits, etc. What can we learn from the hospitality business in regards to technology, usability and service design?
Jörg Meyer, owner of a small bar in Hamburg, Le Lion, talks about the service design of his bar, the bartender scene, and how to make people feel welcome. Matthias Bauer, hacker, tells the other side’s story, how to make drinks and things, and draws analogies to information technology and user experience on the internet.
Let’s go into the wild. When algorithms turn us transparent and controllable through predictability, perhaps we have to become more unpredictable. And what better way of becoming unpredictable than to get intoxicated in style? We will take a look at two areas that, at first glance, do not seem to be closely related – namely, the hospitality business and information technology. There will be plenty of anecdotes, insights – and drinks."


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