How Gary Vaynerchuck will change the restaurant / bar world - New RESY app is game changing

I just read an interessting article on about RESY - a new restaurant reservation app made by Gary Vaynerchuk and Ben Leventhal.  Open Table, is maybee the most popular restaurant reservation system in europe this day.  And many of this systems poping up. Buthopefully this system will change now. Thanks to  I 100% love the idea behind Gary's App. It is game changing. I promise!

In a short way: The Restaurant is not paying a fee for the reservation system. No - its the other side arround: Guests pay for good tables in great retaurants. For sure, this has to start in a place like NY. This will only work in a city where cool people are willing to spend extra money to get a good table in a good restauratn last minute. And this is game changing to me and I love the way Gary and Ben think about this ... go, read the article.

I hope, this idea will become popular in europe as well.  I love it. I love the thinking behind it. Well done Gary and Ben !


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