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BCB Bar Convent Berlin sold to the Reed Exhibitions Group

Time to celebrate ! (but wait - do I spot 3 beers, one wine and a coke (hopefully a cuba libre)) hehehe It is official: The founders of Mixology Magazin Berlin, Helmut Adam and Jens Hasenbein together with Bastian Heuser (SMALL BIG BRANDS, all also partners in BERLIN BEVERAGE GROUP )  sold their Trade Show BAR CONVENT BERLIN BCB to the Reed Exhibition Group, registered in Germany as Reed Exhibitions Deutschland GmBH Düsseldorf. Regarding to the Website, Reed Exhibitons is "The world's leading events organiser, with 3,700 employees in 41 offices serving 43 industries worldwide Events. Reed Exhibitions organises a wide range of events, including trade and consumer exhibitions, conferences and meetings. We organise over 500 events in 43 countries" - from now one, its 501 events ! A Bartenders Christmas has joined the portfolio. Regard to the Reed Exhibitions Press release, Helmut, Bastian and Jens will stay in charge to organise of the BCB in the upcoming year

The MEERKAT app ! Do not leave it to the boring tech people - call for bartenders - and how it works...

7 days ago, a company called LIFE ON AIR, released a new app for iPhones and iPads. It is called MEERKAT . It is very simple to use. It allows you to live streams from your iDevice to your audience and to the web.   There have been a few live streaming apps before. But all of a sudden this one, only planed as a side project by LIFE ON AIR, has become the new super cool hot thing in the tech world.   So four days ago I read about it, downloaded MEERKAT, and since this day, I am playing around with it (Sorry to  a few of my Twitter Follower, who I confused the last days…) So, I am trying to explain you how MEERKAT works. Its connected to Twitter. So you need to have an Twitter account first (and hopefully some following there). Here is how MEERKAT works (as far as I think):  You have to install the app on your phone. If you follow people on twitter and they also have installed the app, you will get a notification if someone of the people you follow on twitter starts strea