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About Monkey 47 Gin Distiller’s Cut 2018

Today, Monkey 47 Gin released the new Distiller’s Cut 2018. This years it is the first time you can only buy it at the MONKEY 47 Online Shop This decission is very much dicussed in the “Gin Lovers” Community. Each years Monkey 47 Gin releases 4000 bottles of the Distiller’s cut. And each year it is kind of a battle on how to get one, or even better a few bottles more. Because all the Gin Lovers know, that good Distiller’s Cut double, tribble and x-time the value over the next weeks and years. You find a few years old “RUBY SUL” first Edition Distillers Cut from Originally 70,-€ now for 900+ € on ebay and the first Monkey Distillers Cuts from 2011 for +1100 € ( originally 70 €). A true collectors game. Boring people who buy Gin for reselling it, instead of drinking it with friends. So this years you can only but it in the Monkey Online Shop. Some say, “it is fairest way to bring it on the market and make sure its coming to the end consumer not to some resellers sta