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The secret ingredient in Pol Rogers Winston Churchill Cuvee. A healthy perspective on capitalism.

2002 Winston Churchill - Pol Roger - great wine ! Yesterday night, I came down from my office late, around 2:00 am. I just wanted to say Good Bye to team Le Lion after a very long day. 18 hours at the bar and office. Currently its lots of work. Because we are going to open kind of two bars soon. But I enjoy it - no complains. So I enter Le Lion for a short "Hello and Good Bye" and wanted to steel my daily apple for my cab ride. But, entering the bar, I spotted a few good regulars, and they spotted me. So I joined them at the bar and add another half hour to my long day. Small talk and being a nice host. They invited me to a good glas from a bottle of Pol Roger's Winston Churchill 2002 . An amazing wine, very good year. Everytime I have a glass of Winstons Cuvee it reminds me one of my favourite Winston Churchill quotes ever. This is the secret ingredients which I enjoy most, every time I open a bottle of this great wine. "Some people regard private ente

Knete Gin - Hip Hop wanna be Dre Gin, die Nörgelknete und der Nörgelknete Highball

Knete Gin - Deutschlands erster Hip Hop wanna be Dre Gin  Seit gut zwei Wochen verkaufen wir Knete Gin und unsere Version der Nörgelknete, den Nörgelknete Highball, in der Boilerman Bar. Der Nörgelknete Highball ist unsere ver-highball-te Interpretatiton der großartigen Nörgelknete aus der BOOZE BAR Berlin. Kreiert von Karl Knete - wem sonst. Der Drink entwickelt sich in der kurzem Zeit ohne großes Zutun zu einem Besteller der Boilerman Bar. Platz Sieben der Drink Charts in knapp 14 Tagen. 146 Nörgelknete Highball a 7,50 € in ein paar Tagen Wir sind gespannt, wie sich der Knete Gin und der Nörgelknete Highball entwickeln werden! Rezept Nörgelknete Highball: 40 ml Knete Gin 10 ml Sweet and Sour 70 ml Ginger Ale Sexy Bitters druff Deko: Zitronenkranich Viel Wichtiger natürlich: Den original Nörgelknete in der Booze Bar probieren. Aber wem erzähle ich das... Boilerman Bar - Lager

For insights and some backstage snaps find me on Snapchat ... jrgmyr

Since a few weeks I started to use my Snapchat account again. In know: People say its for kids and for nude pics.  But they are wrong (at least since the update from 2015, where they introduced stories). Its all about your story - the last 24 hours of your day.  I like so many aspects of snapchat - but you have to decide on your own. Just remember: The people which tell you today snapchat is for kids said the same 5 years ago about facebook.  Today these people are facebook adicted...  For sure, if you start using it - it is unusual. You will need 2-3 days to understand - but come on: your are not that braindead that you already fight all new and unusual - aren't you? If you like to have some insights and backstage views of my working live - running two bars and living "the dream" - sometimes 20 hours a day - add me on snapchat and watch out for my stories. Happy to share some snaps with you. My handle is: jrgmyr