For insights and some backstage snaps find me on Snapchat ... jrgmyr

Since a few weeks I started to use my Snapchat account again. In know: People say its for kids and for nude pics. 

But they are wrong (at least since the update from 2015, where they introduced stories). Its all about your story - the last 24 hours of your day. 

I like so many aspects of snapchat - but you have to decide on your own.

Just remember: The people which tell you today snapchat is for kids said the same 5 years ago about facebook.  Today these people are facebook adicted... 

For sure, if you start using it - it is unusual. You will need 2-3 days to understand - but come on: your are not that braindead that you already fight all new and unusual - aren't you?

If you like to have some insights and backstage views of my working live - running two bars and living "the dream" - sometimes 20 hours a day - add me on snapchat and watch out for my stories.

Happy to share some snaps with you.

My handle is: jrgmyr 


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