Why your Non-Alcoholic Spirit Brand will maybe fail...

I have to say:  in general, you are right!  People live more and more healthy. Awesome! They focus on exercising, work out a good balance, good and healthy food, taking care of themselves. It is big. Especially in the „younger“ generations. And yes. People drink less and less alcohol. One reason is for health. And then we also have the „hustler“. They wanna be fit the next morning, Conquering the world again. Both are good points. So, yes: The world will need more non-alcoholic beverages. Here you are right and I agree 100%

So, you might also be right, to transform „non-alcoholic “ drinks into the Bar wold. You think that some of these people just love the imagination of „feeling“ like drinking alcohol is great. Also that they do not get „the look“ and „the question“ from the people they spend the time over the drink. So you copy the rituals and the habits of enjoying alcohol in a sophisticated way into your product. And this is why you believe in Non-Alcoholic Spirits.

Technically you lost me in the second paragraph - because I do not believe that it is about copying an „Alcohol drinking lifestyle“. But that’s just. Many people will love the two ideas given here. I personally also do not like the „Greed“ I spot sometimes in the eyes of people who wanna sell me the „Non-Alcoholic Spirits“ idea. I miss the passion. I feel they are just into it for the money. And the ultra-high margins. But that’s a different story, and hey: this one is not about me.

But what I believe is: You are addressing a very educated target group. These people want to know what they put into their bodies. It is about health. And also, when it comes to „coping“ the lifestyle and rituals of connoisseurs visiting good bars - these people love to know everything about the product.

And here is what it’s wrong with your product. Why I think most of the existing Non-Alcoholic Spirits Brands will fail ( can I say: hopefully?): 

It is simple: the product is weak.

Let’s not talk about taste. That’s what everybody has to decide on its own. It about the production methods and the „transparency“ of your brand, when we talk about how it is done. You love to copy the wording of the Classic Spirits producer. Distilling, Aging, etc. You have brilliant press texts. But when it comes to actually talk about the process, the details about “how it’s done”,  which became important in the successful high-end luxury spirits brand world, most fail.

 Some of you are even brave enough to start talking about the „Secret Production“ Process … That is 90’s Vodka End Game Style. OMG.

Let’s face it: Many of the existing „Non-alcoholic Spirits Brands“ I have tried are just made in Labs. Aroma Essences, some Food / Drinks Flavors, lots of Water. If I was mean, I could say: You try to sell non-natural products to people who love natural products.  I believe that your Non-Alcoholic Spirits Brand will fail because when you look into it - there is no quality in the product and no real story “how it is made”.

For me, most of the Non-Alcoholic Spirits I have tasted so far and the stories behind remind me on the fairy tale „The Emperor's New Clothes“ - Enjoy the Hype, but be careful if someone starts shouting the truth - the bubble will burst.

So, if you do a Non-alcoholic Spirits and disagree with me, I would love to get in touch. I am currently writing up articles and a podcast series about Non-Alcoholic Spirits and Producers. I would love to interview you when you would love to go “all in” on how it’s done with me. 

Up for it? I would love to hear your story. But the real one. Let me know. Maybe I am wrong.

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