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Lubos Racz interviewed me for great Bar Magazin "Thinking about the Drinking"

Bar Magazine - Thinking About the Drinking 1

Bar Magazine - Thinking About the Drinking 2

Wie bist Du zum Bartending gekommen?

Ich bin in einem Landgasthof in Niedersachsen aufgewachsen. Ein Wirtshaus. Meine Mutter und auch mein Vater sind/waren Wirte. Eine vielleicht simple Form des „Bartendings“. Aber es gibt viele Parallelen. Als „Wirt“, auf einer eher „volksnahen“ Stufe des Gastgeber, lernt man vieles, was man als Guter Bartender denke ich braucht. Ich bin Bartender geworden, weil es in meinen Augen die höchste Stufe des „Gast-Gebens“ ermöglicht. Im Grunde meines Herzen bin ich Gastgeber mit Hang für Gute Getränke. Genauso gerne wäre ich Kellner in einem kleinem Haus. Bartending als Handwerk ist nur ein Teil.

Kannst Du bitte kurz etwas über Dich schreiben - wo Du nach der Fachschule gearbeitet hast ?/

1994 Abitur
1995  Ausbildung zum Kellner,
- 1997 Commi de Bar Havana Lounge (Privater Cigaren Club)
- 1997 Barchef ATLAS Restaurant und Bar
2000 Mitinhaber ATLAS Restaurant & Bar

Why Bertha E.L. Stockbridge is kind of a new „Jerry Thomas“. About an unknown public rare drinks book from 1920 brought by the French Connection.


"A box of chocolates underneath a bough,
An ice creme cone, some lemonade, and thou
Beside me singing in the wilderness
Make prohibition Paradise enow"


A few days ago, Thierry Daniel an Eric Fossard brought a fantastic selection of french oysters to Le Lion. While tasting an outstanding selection of this Oysters, they both told me about a very special book. As far a I know the first ever published drinks book only about non alcoholic drinks.

Ladies and Gentleman, Bertha Stockbridge, the Jerry Thomas of the „Nonalcoholic drink“

What to drink; the blue book of beverages; recipes and directions for making and serving non-alcoholic drinks for all occasions (1920), by Bertha E.L.Stockbridge.

To make a long story short:“Great Book, Great Book , Great Book ...“. Its about homemade syrups, fruit vinegars and shrubs. And it is like reading an old classic cocktail book. Exact measures, lots of eggs. cocktails, highballs, fizzes, cobblers, sours.

Reading th…

German Bar Buzz

Sven Sudeck

Sven Sudeck made his passion his new job. Deeply in love with Puro de Agave Tequila he started working at BORCO MARKENIMPORT Hamburg as the new German Brand Ambassador for Sierra 100% Agave Tequila Sierra Milenario. As far as I know BORCO employing one of the first "real" Brand Ambassador for a Spirits in Germany. Well done Gentleman - good choice! Sven, may the Tequila be with you! Looks like Germany is following the international Brand Ambassador System.

Capri Lounge Cologne, Volker Seibert.

To me, this is one of the most unknown, maybe most under ratted bars in germany. Volker and his Team are doing a fantastic job in Capri Lounge Cologne. As Thierry and Eric from Paris Barshow Cocktail and Spirit called me at the End of last Year to ask "Which german bar should present at Bar Show Paris this Year" my answer was "One of the coolest Underdogs in Germany: Capri Lounge". Now its official. So DO NOT MISS Cocktail and Spir…

A. B. Smeby Bittering Company - Brooklyn Bitter's

Americans! Don't be affraid of a not existing Angostura shortage. Louis Semby, 28 years old, made it in the last month to place some og his kitchen made bitters in Gotham bar & Grill, Braeburn, PDT, The Vanderbuilt, Buttermilk Channel, Quarter bar or the White Star. Some flaours are: Spiced Cranberry, Black and White, Vanilla, Forbidden Bitters, Lemon Verbena bitters and Hibiscus Rose.

Louis just started to blog about his project:

His new Company can be found soon here -

Looks like there will be some Brooklyn Bitters in the near future! Louis, when ever you ship to germany, let me know!

London Bar Buzz

Papa Jules

Great Papa Jules, Julien Gualdoni, will open a very cool Night Club for the "Mahiki" Gang in South Kensington. It will be a Bar - Restaurant - Nightclub called "The Brompton Club". As far as I could understand the Night Club is going to be a little bit 1920 classic, Cotton Club Style with a touch of THE BOX NY. Opening hopefully in two weeks  ... Currently looks like its Members Only. Time to go out in London

Dick Bradsell bartending at Circus Bar and Restaurant.

Bartender legend Dick Bradsell was seen behind the Circus Bar. Drinks list and fine punches consulted by Worldwide Cocktailclub - Dre Masso and Henry Besant. Contact Lucy Besant for more informations

Also visit the Facebook Group

Charles Vexenat and Nick Strangeway

A great british Restaurant has opend in Soho - HIX - run by Mark Hix.

Nick Strangeway did a consultency for the bar - currently you see his drinks list online. Charles Vexenat is now tending Bar at Hix! Go, get your Punch ... next Menu…

Beyond Japanese Ice Style - Dutch Kill's - NYC / I am jealous!

Let's face it - i am jealous ... at least very impressed.

Sahsa Petraske, again, (plus this time Richard Boccato) did it. Ten years after Petraske opend Milk & Honey he still is one of the most creative persons in our industry - to me.

Love the Bar

Love the ICE Style

Dutch Kills open in April 2009 in NY. Word of mouth made NY already waiting for this bar.
Some called it Petraskes Field Trip - because it's "outside" - Long Island City.

New Yorkers like it , because MLK & HNY Standard  is now at  Long Island CityI like the cheques they writeI like the style of the barThe Secret is in the SwizzleNegroni Swizzle, Hot Mai Tai 
There a bar in berlin, wich have the same style: stagger lee

btw - loks like they like beer over there...