A. B. Smeby Bittering Company - Brooklyn Bitter's

Americans! Don't be affraid of a not existing Angostura shortage. Louis Semby, 28 years old, made it in the last month to place some og his kitchen made bitters in Gotham bar & Grill, Braeburn, PDT, The Vanderbuilt, Buttermilk Channel, Quarter bar or the White Star. Some flaours are: Spiced Cranberry, Black and White, Vanilla, Forbidden Bitters, Lemon Verbena bitters and Hibiscus Rose.

Louis just started to blog about his project:  http://absmebybitteringco.blogspot.com/

His new Company can be found soon here - http://www.absmebybitteringco.com/

Looks like there will be some Brooklyn Bitters in the near future! Louis, when ever you ship to germany, let me know!


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