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Bartenders, reload your players! THE BARTENDER JOURNEY from Vince @BarKeepTips and Vano @VanceVano

Currently I am spending again a few day in a hospital. But this time, I am very good prepared. Because a few weeks ago I discovered the BARTENDER JOURNEY, an audio show, by Vince and Vano. I have fallen in love with this show. For sure, there are episodes which do not get me. But in general, I love when this both bartenders talk about our business.  Amazing. Refreshing, Entertaining, Wise, Cool. I work as a bartender up to 20 years. The last 10 years have done some very big changes to the german industry. Some call this the CRAFT COCKTAIL movement. I am a big fan of quality drinks. But also, I personal have come the the point that our industry is focusing to much on the drinks and on the brand right now. A good drink must be a standard in a good bar. Thats it. But bartending is so much more than just good drinks. Listen to Vince and Vano is so refreshing. It reminds me at many situation I have had in my bar. And its full of true bartenders wisdom. Its a nice point of view.