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REVOLUTION - Bars are Changing! Bar Magazines as well

  Month ago, I wrote a few articles for the great Bartender Magazin from Slovakia. Thinking about the Drinking. Luboš Rácz, a known friend from Nitra, contacted me that times to writes a few lines. Today he contacted me again. And he send me some amazing news about REVOLUTION in the Bar Magazine Business. I just downloaded the first Edition of the Digital Version (in English) for just 1,59 € to my iPad. And I LOVE the way how they did it. I will now dig into reading more. But the content looks great. So, standing ovations to Slovakia. Seems like you are the first in business who published a magazine online on the right devices because you understood that our trade is international and digital. We do not need national BAr Magazines, we need a global one. Here is the link to the App. If will find it in your "Newspaper Kiosk" and can download each issue their. Well done ladies and gents! I will digg and swipe in

CS AWARDS 2012 - Cocktail and Spirits Paris is nominating the best ten Europe bars !

Today, Xavier Padovani, who is - next to his Cucumber and Juniper grocery business - one of the organizers of the finest and for sure coolest barshow this globe has to offer, send me an Email. Cocktail and Spirits are  nominating the BEST EUROPE BARS - And they need your help! Read his email and SEND him an email - MERCI / *BAAFFF*   "CS AWARDS 2012 COCKTAILS SPIRITS 2012 will take place the 3rd & 4th June in Paris, at La Maison Rouge. As we are signing off the final stage of the Bar Rouge presentations, this will include Osaka Hiramatsu, Barcelona Ohla Boutique Hotel, Paris Candelaria, Seattle Canon, Lyon Antic Wine, Italy Jerry Thomas Project...and a couple of surprise! We are now very excited to launch the Cocktails Spirits Awards.  The CS Awards will honor the best ten bars in Europe. To be fair in selecting Europe ten best bars we have approached movers & shakers & people from our industry, in order to ask them to send us they preferred three bars in Europe..

1962 - People get drunk, on Reeperbahn - Some advice for the new "beer drinking" James Bond

Yesterday I read the news, that James Bond is going to drink beer instead of Martinis in his new Film . We Hamburg people know how to deal with this. Some advice for Daniel Craig and his SKYFALL.  I love this Video Fragment on youtube: People from Hamburg getting drunk. Fragment from Mondo Cane (1962). By Paolo Cavara and Gualtiero Jacopetti