REVOLUTION - Bars are Changing! Bar Magazines as well



Month ago, I wrote a few articles for the great Bartender Magazin from Slovakia. Thinking about the Drinking. Luboš Rácz, a known friend from Nitra, contacted me that times to writes a few lines.

Today he contacted me again. And he send me some amazing news about REVOLUTION in the Bar Magazine Business. I just downloaded the first Edition of the Digital Version (in English) for just 1,59 € to my iPad. And I LOVE the way how they did it. I will now dig into reading more. But the content looks great.

So, standing ovations to Slovakia. Seems like you are the first in business who published a magazine online on the right devices because you understood that our trade is international and digital. We do not need national BAr Magazines, we need a global one.

Here is the link to the App. If will find it in your "Newspaper Kiosk" and can download each issue their.

Well done ladies and gents! I will digg and swipe into it right now !



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