Short time ago, I announced the PISCO INFERNO on Saturday, the 7th of August. (English Text see the end of this note). Now, it is an outstanding pleasure for me to announce that a great Bartender, some call him the fastest Bartender in this Universe, is going to do Night at LE LION.

Sunday, 8th August, 2010 - from 8.00 pm - Mr. Marian Beke supported by Søren Sørensen behind the Bar of LE LION. More details soon. Save the Date. Please to a reservation for this Event at Joerg@ jrgmyr.net

Please, join this fantastics session with MR. Beke!



We are proud to present the “Pisco Inferno 2010” on Saturday 07th August 2010 in central Hamburg.

Be sure not to miss this relaxed Saturday afternoon session all around the grape brandy from Chile and Peru

PISCO INFERNO ZwoZehn - Guest Speaker: Jeff Masson about Pisco

Saturday 7th August 2010
from 2pm to ?pm


from 1pm get together at the open PISCO bar

Kick off 2pm

• Coaching: PISCO basics and production – PISCO specifics and the different Qualities

• Big PISCO tasting – special thanks to Oliver Steffens who made it possible to line up 20 different PISCO qualities so far. We are still expanding on this. A short presentation will be followed by an open tasting

•“Pisco in bar books” – the special guest speaker will be Jeff Masson. Every bar book collector envy’s Jeff, as he has a massive collection of bar books and never misses an opportunity to expand it. For the first time and specifically for this event he has gone through his large collection and prepared a fascinating presentation to share everything around the “PSICO treasure” – all presentation will be in English!

•“Five great PISCO drinks with a twist” to make sure that this will not be a too dry presentation …

Finishing up around 6pm to 7pm. Come together at the open PISCO bar again.

• we are currently looking for a After Hour Show -> tbc

It would be my great pleasure to welcome you @ the big PISCO inferno ZwoZehn. To reserve your space please email me -> joerg @ jrgmyr.net

The event will be charged at 75.00 Euros incl VAT – which includes all the above as well as any soft drinks and coffees and finger food to keep you going. Please accept that the payment is due upon booking.
If you are a PISCO producer or distributor and would like to get involved – either by promoting your drinks or sponsor the event please feel free to get in touch with me @ joerg @ jrgmyr.net


Because it will be a great session and a fantastic time to meet Bartender. Also, there is another EVENT on the following Sunday: Ladies and Gentleman . I am very proud to announce :

Sunday, 8.8.2010 - MARIAN BEKE @ LE LION ..

and also, if you already in GERMANY:

MONDAY 9.8.2010 - Cologne - SPIRITS ... BASTIAN HEUSER, TOM JAKSCHAS & JÖRG MEYER presenting: TROPICAL HEAT ... great Drinks, Great Music, endless Party.

Confirmed Guestlist of PISCO INFERNO:

• John Gakuru
• Olaf Wüstenhagen
• Marian BEKE
• Søren Sørensen
• Oliver Steffens



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