Cocktailbitters II: BITTERMENS mit neuen "alten" Flaschen. Kooperation beendet.

Vor kurzem sah ich bei Avery Glasser auf facebook, das Bittermens nunmehr eine neue Webseite hat.
Dort ist zu lesen:

"Now Re-Introducing Bittermens Very Small Batch Bitters!

We see them in bars all around the country – our classic cobalt blue bottles containing the precious last drops of our original formula Mole and Grapefruit bitters that bartenders refuse to part with. We know that there have been challenges getting bitters across the country. We’ve heard your pleas to bring back the original recipes and to make our bitters available online like they were before. We knew it was time to make some fundamental changes.
We are happy to announce that we have relaunched Bittermens.
What does this mean? The original founding team of Avery and Janet Glasser are now hand-producing the original Xocolatl Mole Bitters and Grapefruit Bitters at their new Somerville, MA commercial kitchen. The long-awaited ‘Elemakule Tiki Bitters and Boston Bittahs are being made available commercially for the first time as well.
We’ve brought back the original cobalt blue bottles. At four ounces, these bottles will be a little larger than before. We’re also moving from the less accurate euro-droppers to standard eye droppers.
The Mole recipe is exactly the same as the original that you may have had in San Francisco, Boston, NY or London, except for the fact that we’re now using the fantastic Taza cacao nibs, manufactured one floor beneath our kitchen! We’ve also adjusted the grapefruit to make it more shelf stable, adding in organic grapefruit oil and powdered organic grapefruit peel."
Die bisherige Kooperation mit TBT ist beendet. Bittermens sorgte bei "Einführung" für Viel Anerkennung in Bartenderkreisen, hatten aber immer wieder das Problem, das Sie wegen vieler verschiedener Auflagen nicht "zuhause" Produzieren durften, als auch nicht Online verschicken konnten. 
Ich habe Avery dazu befragt: 
Avery, how to you do the new, old, BITTERMENS Bitters? Back to Hand work?
"How it's made: Because of regulations in the US, it's difficult to get a permit to make bitters at home. This is because of the fact that you have to get a special health permit to make food for sale from your house. Because of the amount of flammable alcohol that is needed in the process, the fire department needs to be involved to ensure that you are not endangering your neighbors as well! 

So, we have leased space in a commercial kitchen in a chocolate factory to produce our bitters and have obtained all permits necessary in order to be able to produce. We have also hired staff to assist in the production steps."
Avery, why can you NOW ship? What has changed?
"Why can we ship? This is because of a specific regulation in the United States which we had advised TBT of, but was decided against by them. Cocktail bitters are traditionally listed in the USA as a non-potable flavoring. This specifically means that you create a product that you use small amounts of when making food or drink (like vanilla extract). You can't drink a glass of it as it is too concentrated. To do this, you have to submit your recipes to the government for review. Once you get this designation, though the bitters contain alcohol, they are considered a food product. Food products can be shipped without restriction within the USA and sold in any stores.

Originally, our Mole and Grapefruit bitters had a non-potable designation. When TBT started to be imported, the importer applied for POTABLE status, that means, classified like any alcoholic beverage. Because of this, the approval process is faster and the recipes do not need to be shared with the government, but the products need to be sold only in liquor stores and have heavy restrictions on how they can be shipped.

Now, in the case of New York, this is possibly a good thing, as liquor stores cannot sell non-potable products: they cannot sell ice, fruit, soda or even Angostura bitters. So, if you want the entire line of TBT bitters and liqueurs to be available in a liquor store, being potable makes sense.

However, most people who purchase bitters want to purchase them online and from specialty shops. For us, this means that non-potable makes the most amount of sense.

So, all of our formulas are now non-potable, which means that what we produce can be shipped throughout the USA."
Avery und Janet somit zurück zur Handarbeit. Samples sind bestellt - ich bin gespannt.


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