Ein Griff ins Bücherregal - Lesevergnügen für den werdenden Gastronomen (4) - oder wer kennt Finkel Gin ?

Aus: "Cocktails - How to mix them" - by Robert, 1922


Straits Sling
This wellknown Singapore drink, thoroughly iced and shaken, contains:

2 dashes of Orange Bitters.
2 dashes of Angostura Bitters.
The juice of half a lemon.
1/8 gill of Bénédictine.
1/8 gill of Dry Cherry Brandy*
1/2 gill of Gin

Pour into a Tumbler and fill up with cold Soda Water

* Damit wird Kirsch Wasser gemeint sein. Fälschlicher Weise oft auch Kirsch Likör.
Siehe auch: The Origins of the Singapure Sling von Ted Haigh

do you know that -
  • Aquadiente is a Mexican liquer made from the Maquey aloe. Pulque Wine is made from the Same
  • ...
  • Cachiry, from Guiana, is made of sweet potatoes and the Paya is very simular to it.
  • ...
  • Cha is a chinese fermented beverage made from the sap of the palm tree
  • ...
  • Dog's Nose is a glass of ale with a dash of gin. It is a popular sailors drink in the British Navy
  • ...
  • Finkel is a spirit like gin, but made from potatoes, of wich the Norwegians are very fond. There is a still for making it on every little farm. The Norwegians also produce Homeburn or H.B. from distilled sugar and fermented yeast.
  • ...
  • Guignolet de Bourguignon is a kind of cherry brandy mad from guigne (a small black cherry). It is a well-known liqeur in Dijon district.
  • ...
  • Secrestat is a famous french bitter. The Bitter Francais, the Amer Picon, the Italian Fernet Branca, and the Dutch Boonekamp are very similar to it.
  • ...
Falls jemand schon einmal eine Flasche FINKEL (Gin) in der Hand gehalten hat, bitte ich um Nachricht.... Aufmerksam geworden bin ich auf Finkel durch Angus Winchester beim letzten Ten Table in Wien. Er hatte davon in einer zweiten Ausgabe von Harry Schraemli gelesen. Sachdienliche Hinweise bitte gerne per Kommentar.


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