Monday, 21th of March: World Class Nordic Semi Finals in Stockholm

DIAGEO invited me to be part of the World Class Nordic Semi Finals in Stockholm this monday. I will give a presentation for the attendees and be part of the jury.

The Ladies and Gentleman fighting for the WORLD CLASS finals coming from Sweden:
Johan Mattsson, Viktor Eriksson, Abdallah Ghostine, Jimmie Hult, Ludvig Eriksson, André Berlund, Emil Areng, Erik Andersson, Jesper Hartmann and Elias Wennberg.

Attendees from Norway:  Christoffer Magnusson, Ivan Karlsen, Stian Sandnes, Chris Grøtvedt, Steinar Hansen, Therese Østervold, Guido Sorrentini, Flemming Iversen, Monica Berg, Kristian Bejer, Alexandr Ruas, Mauro Monteiro, Johan Bengtson.

Also, and this is the greatest pleasure for me, after I fine Zacapa Dinner, I am responsible to serve this great bartenders from scandinavia fine drinks at my bar. Great Job for a bartender I guess...

So, looking forward to catch some WORLD CLASS experience - and will tell you about it soon ...

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