Ice Ice Baby ... Hoshizaki ICE Makers, Albert & Me at INTERNORGA

Our Gold Nuggets....
Sometime, life is easy. You get a call from a company witch products you love! Why you love them? Because they make your daily business so easy. There is a plenty of this little this "I Love" and I would love to work for them (kind of). MAILCHIMP for example, flickr, tumblr, Apple, Libby Glass etc. And also Hoshizaki ice makers.

Gold Production at Le Lion
Two month ago, Leoni Jansen from Hoshizaki gave me a call and asks me, if I like to work together with Albert Van Beeck Calkoen to present Hoshizaki at INTERNORGA. So, I meet  Leoni and Albert at the HORECA in Amsterdam and we made a nice deal. Albert and me will be on Stage of the Hoshizaki Stand at INTERNORGA this year and will show you great drinks (Thanks to Bacardi and Bombay Sapphire for support). Great Drinks, made easy with fine Hoshizaki ice. And as we all know - Ice ist not just Ice. So, I will tell people, why we use different sorts of Hoshizaki ice and how it makes our daily business much much more easy at Le Lion. Why? because, and that is the part of "Life is easy" - its just true. Since yet, we owe 5 different Hoshizaki machines all bouhgt at APS Hamburg.  And I had NEVER ever only one day of problems with them. I have a 240 kg Cubes machines at the catering service. Also I have two IM 100LE Icecube maker (95 kg daily production and 50 kg storage) and two FM-80EE-N Nugget Ice Maker 65 kg per day. One of each is at the Bel Etage, on of each is at Le Lion. 

And today, at Le Lion, we see, that the production of 95 kg per day is often already a little bit to less for our bar. So, how is you expirience with Ice Makers? To me me, Hoshizaki is the best value for money aviable at the european market. What do you recommend? How many Ice you use per day? What types of Ice and machines you use? How often do you clean you machine? etc. Let me know you experience with Ice Makers please.

If you like to visit Hoshizaki, Albert and me  at Internorga, please come on Friday, Saturday or Sunday to the HOSHIZAKI Ice maker Stand Number A4 101. And let's talk Ice Ice baby...


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