Future of Japanese Whisky ?

Japanese single malt whisky distilleries auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

I am speechless about the disaster in japan. So many sade news every minutes. Today I read an article about Japanese Whisky - from the time "before" last Friday. As we bartenders know, Japanese Whisky is one of the best ones in the world. In such a short time, the japanese whisky is today Top of the world. And for sure, there are much more urgent question these days, but while reading the article I thought, how about the future of Japanese Whisky? One Distillery, Miyagikyou, is not far away the Tsunami area and also the broken nuclear plant. As I could read online today, that the people working in this distillery are ok - which is a good news. But now, that the nuclear problems are running out of control, I guess, japanese whisky aged from 2011 in japan, will lose most of its value. The Warehouses near to the broken power plants, but also the category in general will be affected by radioactivity. As I said, there are much much much more urgent problems currently to solve. But also, I am a bartender and I must think about this. One difference to Tschernobil is, that they did not produce aging food in this area. Japan is full of fantastic Whisky and Sake producers which from now on may have lost a part of the value.


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