Kappes Kognac No.2: Thumbs up, Mr. Palazzi

Last week  Mr. Kappes and Mr. Meyer finaly made it: Tasting Mr. Palazzis Cognac

The "Kappes Kognac" History

In march we announced our plan to find some good Cognac for Le Lion. Something rare and outstanding. Already a few days later I wrote about our new "project" "Kappes Kognac" I had to write about Mr. Palazzi. (KK Part I.). Sounds like this man is a serious cognac lover. So he send us one of his bottles, and after finally tasting it, we have to say: It was a shame to wait this long time. Because the Product is fantastic.

Mr. Palazzi was so kind to send as a bottle of PAUL_MARIE & Fils Cognac "Barrique devant la porte". So Mr. Kappes and me had no idea whats inside this bottle, we opened it and had a nice sip. Wow.  52 %Vol - so smooth? Very complex, very dry, but still fruity. I can't remember ever drunk a spirits called cognac and had this style of taste.

There more I drank of this fine brandy, the more I enjoyed it. The ABV doesn't fit to the taste profile. I was impressed. This Cognac to me, fits totally in the profile of Cognac I was looking for. Some new, better to say old and lost drinking experience we should bring back behind the bar. And good think: Mr. Kappes face send me the same message after every sip.

Mr. Palazzi lives in New York. This afternoon I made it to have a interesting conversation with him about the Cognac he send us, his business and his philosophy.

The Cognac:

Grande Champagne, Distilled in the early 1950's, single cask, cask strength, 51 % abv, unfiltered, 257 bottles made. He showed me a picture of the old cellar where he "found" the Cognacs from the 50's and this one, was in fact the barrel "next to the door" (Devant la forte).

Currently there is no price, because Mr. Palazzi, till now, sells this fine Cognac in New York.. We will see. Because what I, better we Mr. Kappes, have to do, is to travel in the very near future to Cognac and visit this enthusiastic gentleman. (And his Cellar, lets see whats next to the one next to the door).

Already yet, Mr. Palazzi shared some secrets with me, about the technique of blending cognac etc. So, I can't wait to hear more from him. Mr. Kappes - We have to check flights - Time to visit the region of Cognac...



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