LE BON LION will close forever soon...

already a few weeks ago, I got notice, that I will have to close down my very little private Bar, LE BON LION. Please don't mix it up (like a few regulars still do) ... LE BON LION is NOT Le Lion - Bar de Paris. They are both located next to each other. LE BON LION is my very small, private Bar. Just twelve seats.

LE BON LION is the place were it all began. I started the „Good Lion“ in 2006 and me and my guest had great sessions in this fantastic bar. The TRAVELING MIXOLOGISTS where founded here. And also, this bar gave birth to the idea of building LE LION. Regulars of LE BON LION, Like Torben and Marcel became bartenders and now work for me. I believe, this little place gave a little impact to all the changes, the german bar scene has gone through the last three years. I still believe, that we mixed germans first well done Ramos Gin Fizz in this bar in 2006, and many great other drinks were born or reanimated in this nearly 18 square-meter.

So, a part of my private and others younger bartending history will close soon in the beginning of 2010. And, to tell you the through: yes, I just getting a little bit sentimental, but only for a few seconds.

Nothing last forever ! And on the other side, I love to end something. Even if its closing down my little Baby LE BON LION.

My business-partner Rainer, also owner of Cafe Paris, is doing some very big changes to Cafe Paris. And because of this reconstructions, the place, where LE BON LION is now located, will not longer exists.

But, me and Rainer already had a hugh among of Gin & Tonic together and we promised each other, that there will be some new "space" for rendering homage to the art of preparing a good drink.

Something "New", but very different to LE BON LION, will be announced soon. But first of all, it is time to CELEBRATE the funeral of LE BON LION.

I am still not sure, when there will be the "Last" GOOD LIONS days ... End of january or beginning of  february? But, until we let the BON LION rest in peace, we will arrange some great last evenings and and big funeral.

If you like to get notice about this last days of BON LION and the funeral, please join our mailing list "FRIENDS OF LE LION". (its German Content, but you will get it, I guess)

Time to bring the black suit to the dry-cleaner and chill some champagne.

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