Barrel aged Cocktails at Le Lion | THE TASTING ROOM

Watering the barrels....

This days, I started to produce barrel aged cocktails at LE LION | THE TASTING ROOM. Four barrels are set up this days, more will follow. The first three drinks will be a Padovani Cocktail, a Negroni and the famous Trident Cocktail. The one and only Master of Barrel Aging - Mr. Jeffrey Morgenthaler is the inspiration for the Lions barrel aged Cocktails.

First of all, I started to water the new, unused limousin oak barrels. It takes to days for them, to soak full of water. After this, I will start with the first barrels and age cocktails. I think, the new, unused barrel will have a ind of big impact to the drinks.  And I think, it won't take to long, to have a result in the barrel.

So, stay tuned for our first batches of barrel aged cocktails. Will keep you updates with all the experience we make.