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Barkepers Golden Book

a few month ago, I bought another collection of Bartender Books. Most of them have a ex-libris stamp from the private collection of  "Jan Longone" which is: Janice Bluestein Longone. Look at the great Culinary Archive at the William L. Clements Library.


I am going to sell most of them. Some of them I will sell on ebay.

I have opened a twitter account where I will update all sales asap. So, feel free to follow @boozebooks on twitter.

Currently it is 15 books on ebay, and I will upload more and more. So have a look at the ebay channel

Next to the big names and hunted down rare classic book (which end often, better to say: hopefully, in a few hundred and more dollars) it will be many not so popular books. And I will try to show a few here at Because most of them, are worth a look. In every of them is so many to discover.

  • Burkes Complete Cocktails and Tastybite I fall in love with. Good recipes and great Advices … and he is telling about the famous Berlin Bartenders, and how they use ice (!)
  • Barkeeper Golden Book, written in german, english and france is one of this great "unknown" but awesome books too. Great texts about Speakeasy, Ice, Shaker, and the profession of a bartender
  • the third Edition of Jerry Thomas (1887) is a classic, Frank Meier's Ritz Bar Book a must have and WHEN ITS COCKTAIL TIME IN CUBA one of the books, which reading I enjoy most.

So, have a look on ebay. More will follow soon:

  1. ca 1870 - The New Mixing Book - Loftus London 3/6
  2. 1887 - Jerry Thomas "the Bar-Tender's Guide"
  3. 1912: Das Buch der American Drinks - Richard Andeck
  4. ca 1920: Bowlen und Pünsche - Weber - Leipzig
  5. 1925: The Cocktail Book - A Sideboard Manual for Gentlemen
  6. 1928: When it's Cocktail Time in Cuba by Basil Woon
  7. 1934: CHARLES - Punches and Cocktails
  8. 1935: The Barkeepers Golden Book - O. Blunier, in German, French and English
  9. ca 1940/1950 - Cuba - MANZABEITA Y CIA … more than 130 Drinks recipes
  11. 1944 - Three Bottle Bar by H.i. Williams - NYC
  12. 1949 - THE HOW AND WHEN . by Marco - Chicago
  13. 1952 - Harry Schraemli - Lehrbuch für alkoholfreie Gaststätten
  14. 1957: Famous NEW ORLEANS DRINKS and how to mix 'em
  15. 1970: The Savoy Cocktail Book


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  1. Just wondering if you know the value of ar keepers golden book?


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