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From: 1895: " The Mixicologists " or How to mix all kinds of fancy drinks by C.F. Lawlor



THIS is an age of progress, new ideas and new appliances follow each other in rapid succession to meet the ever-increasing demand for novelties, which administer to create comforts and gratifications to fastidious tastes. "The Mixicologist" is intended to meet this demand.

It is with feelings of modesty and diffidence that I approach so important a subject, but my long experience, and my hearty desire to produce what I hope will become a standard, and thus to help my fellow workers, and also to elevate the tone of our profession, prompts the undertaking.

These, I trust, are sufficient reasons for my attempting to write the following. If to "tend bar" consisted only in filling up glasses thoughtlessly, and pushing them out to customers carelessly, it would not be proper to speak of it as a polite vocation and a fine art, and it would be useless to write on the subject.

But I place it among the more elegant employments of life, and to be a successful bartender requires the exercise of those finder faculties that distinguish the cultured artists from the inexperienced, and which are so much appreciated by gentlemen customers.

Also, in this introductory, I feel it my duty to thank ma friends for information received for this little book, among them being Mr. John H. Kuhn, steward of the Grand Hotel; Mr. Will V. Zimmer; Messrs, Brach and Sullivan, Louisville Hotel ; and Mr. Frank Holicker, Burnet House, hoping it will be found useful, not only to the saloon, but to others. Recipes etc., will be readily found by index.





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