Why I do not like BEEFEATER 24 Gin

Let's face it: I do not like Beefeater 24. Don't get me wrong. I like Beefeater. Best high class 47% London Dry Gin - "Value for money" - possible in Germany at the moment.  Currently one of the pouring Gins in Le Lion. But 24? O.k. from the technical Side of view, it's not a bad gin. Citrus, Tea, "new botanicals" - Super Premium Gin by Beefeater. When you see the victorian design of the bottle, you might smell some cucumbers ... but no, thats a different story.

So, at the end, it's not about the taste of the gin. I do not like 24 because we should blame this new design gin for killing an old bartenders friend. Yes, believe me or not, this guy is a killer (not taste wise). He is guilty - from my point of view! Yes, I'am kiddinga little bit - But someone has to be guilty

One  of the best gins in the world, one of my favorite "Wich 10 Gins should be behind your Bar?“ List, is not any longer produced. I heard about it, already a few month ago. But now I tried a few place to buy a few new bottles... everywhere : SOLD OUT! Or already big price rising.

I didn't expect to say farewell so quick.

Bartenders and Connaisseurs from all over the World. Say Good Bye, to our Friend: Crown Juwel.

And try to find the last bottles. Thanks to the Marketing. One Last Word: "I don't prefere tea in my Gin ...I want CROWN JEWEL!"

Last Word Cocktail
2 cl Beefeater Crown Jewel
2 cl Chartreuse Green
2 cl Luxardo Maraschino
2 cl fresh lime juice

shake, strain, enjoy!


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