If you can't make it to BCB - BAR SHIRT AWARDS 2009 - New Categorie

Angus Winchester, the most traveled bar experienced person on this planet and proud member of the BSA Jury, came up with a great idea. 
Ladies and Gentleman, we proud to present:

BEST OVERSEAS BAR SHIRT . If you can't make it to Berlin, you still can make it in the BAR SHIRT AWARDS!

Due to overwhelming international demand a new category has been announced... Best Overseas Bar Shirt... open to all those who wear their bar on their back or their wit on their sleeves but can't make it to Berlin this year... send  picture(s) of you wearing your shirt to bsa (at) jrgmyr.net by 6am (central european time) on 7th Oct and stand to win 20 Gin Basil Smashes, you can drink all arroung the world*"

So, where ever you are, send us your Bar Shirts  

Some Rules:

• Shirts must be worn on the picture by YOU!
• You must also be visual on the picture. Please do not send pictures from other people. 
• The person on the photo wins the prize, not the Person who send it to BSA

* 20 Gin Basil Smash: Good Think: You can, but you don't have to drink them at Le Lion. You also can bring/send us receipts from Bars all over the World. We will pay cash at Le Lion or during bank transfer to German account. International payment ONLY via Paypal. The receipts MUST have the Text GIN BASIL SMASH on it. Other are not excepted. Maximum Value per Drink we refund is value of 20,00 €. The prize can only be DRUNK - no payout in cash! With the receip you please send us a picture of Gin Basil Smash in the Bar, If you Like, adiddional, picture of the Bar, of you, and the bartenders.

Posted via email from Joerg Meyer


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