1939 La Florida Cocktailbook, Club de Cantineros, "Constante" Constantin Ribalguita Vert

Dear Cocktail Lovers,

I uploaded a book I really like to scridb:1939 La Florida Cocktail Book Havana Cuba

Don't forget to Download it at scribd!

As fare as I know it is called:

La Florida - named after the great and world famous Bar now known as La Floridita.

I have a few questions, maybe someone can answer:

  • As fare as I can see, their is now Year on this book. Some origins say it is 1934 - some say it is 1939. Any Informations about that?
  • Who wrote this book? In the Foreword someone is writing with the Signature of „L.F.M.“ - An Ideas?
  • The book names a few brands like Bacardi, Gordons, Noilly Prat, Martini (funny think - thats the today portfolio of Bacardi Germany ...) and on the other side some are just called Curacao etc. What do you think? Is this book „bought“ - it also has lots of advertisement in it - or are this the brand, the bartender thinks it is best choice?
  • Is it correct that Havana Club was a small, unknown brand and this time? does it even exist?
  • The book mentioned of of the greatest persons behind a bar: Constantin Ribalguita Vert, known as Constante. As far as I know, he also belongs to one of the greatest Bartender Organisation of the past - The Brotherhood of Cantineros - the Club de Cantineros. Would you be so kind to share all your knowledge about Constante and the Club the Cantineros here?

A few years ago in havana I found some old monthly magazines from this organisation called „Coctel“. I also found the 25 years of Club de Cantineros book. It is in spain, and really hugh with hundreds of pictures of member etc.

I also like to scan this and load them up here - but can you recommend a scanning service ? ITs is getting a little bit to much work here...

Thanks for any help. Can‘t wait to here your knowledge.

For the Discussion, PLEASE, walk over to the great Chanticleer Society

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