Ein Griff ins Bücherregal - Lesevergnügen für den werdenden Gastronomen (7) - Harry Johnson about Case Goods

Harry Johnson "New and improved Bartenders‘ Manual and a Guide for Hotels and Restaurants" - Revisited Version
1900 - New York
Of a late years it has  become quite the fashion to sell over the different bars all the various brands of liquors or case goods. No one is to blame for this more than the proprietors or saloon-keepers, because every one of them, in the desire to offer special inducements and to obtain trade, have pushed these goods on to the public notice, and by so doing have cut into their own flesh. By offering and introducing the different brands, whether they were called for or not, and without stopping to think whether it was advisable or profitable to do so or not, people in our business have injured themselves and the trade as well.

2009 Germany 
Many premium spirits brands announce price rising for bars from 10% to more than 25 %.  Great support for bars and bartenders in this days. We should have listen to Harry...


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