BAKON VOKDA | Bacon flavored Vodka

Morning coffee in the newsroom, contact via twitter: Bakonvoda  
Now we are talking. Most people think I hate vodka, because there were a few articles going around where I was mentioned as „Mr. Meyer thinks premium  vodka is just marketing circus - not value for money ...“ - To be honest - its not an absurd opinion about super duper premium vodka. Many vodkas, I know, is lots of marketing and less of quality. 
Its a  FMCG market and vodka is the rock-star in this business billion dollar business. (What was the price for ABSOLUT or Grey Goose again?) But still, vodka is a must for every bar - vodka drinks as well dear bartender fellows.   Vodka bashing is popular nowadays behind the bar - but maybe, from the point of being a perfect host, not necessary.
So BAKON Vodka is a „premium“ (hate this word ... why self-praising?) bacon flavored vodka. As they say: Best Bloody Mary Vodka ever - I could believe. I asked them for a bottle and we will wait and see. Sounds interesting to me. 
BTW. Love the simple website -> Twitter and Facebook on the front page and not a cool „we distilled 100 times with organic water from 10000 year old ice block“ - bulls..t. 


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