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Heute erhielt ich einen Text (Pressemitteilung?) von Javier de las Muelas.
Neben etwas Eigen-PR finden sich recht interessante "philosophische" Ansätze.

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A new concept of Mixologist is born with the new year, where Javier de las Muelas transform the cocktail and the Bar, inspired in to a new life style.

Madrid, January 20th, 2009.- The Cocktailman and businessman Javier de las Muelas present his news creations in Madrid Fusión. I this edition shows up the evolution that the Cocktail and the Bar are followed ending the century XX and draws in a open way with details his personal vision of century XX Mixologist.
It is a comprehensive check from all the elements world that has to adapt to the new social needs, with the objective that the cocktail finish been a affordable lux.

In the pass Javier de las Muelas wanted to finish with an incomprehensible Cocktail world stagnation showing some surprising plans like the Frappés ( macerates at Dry Martini and mixed up with some natural products). The Dry & Tonics (cocktails floating on a frozen tonic) and the Spoon Martinis ( cocktails to eat with a spoon).
Now he considerate that it is the moment to consider the Bar concept with a new offer which could answer the daily worries, a deep structure transformation, in the barman training, at the glasses style and specially in a serious work where every time the word Cocktail means glamour, fantasy and worry, but also health, lower graduation, vitamins and attractive offers without alcohol.

Javier de las Muelas makes the Cocktail-Bar not a drinker place or and smoking cigar area, a meeting point of many in countless worries and feelings in a modern frame full of initiative. The Bar becomes to be an standard of feminine culture. The way of “Chick Flicks” films with alive thematic for women like “Sex on the City” “Notting Hill” or “The devil wears Prada” mark the way, with the Cosmopolitan as a grail saint and Madonna as a inspired muse.

The Room

To demand the room it is the essential exercise of a new feeling. here is not a project in the hotel industry that can support without a good room team well form, with the right vocation to communicate, prevent situations, and know how to take care of the parishioner. Javier de las Muelas thinks that it it’s the angular stone of all that take place in any establishment. It is a good job from the teams. The firs boost it is to praise a figure that is out of place because it did not get the right recognition.
It is not enough to know about wines, liquors, waters, infusions. The fundamental for the room: to give easily feelings, emotions and taking care of the main character of our films: the clients, our parishioners.

The new Mise in Place and the Back office importance.

The new cocktail bar reign lifts back the liquors word, orange and lemon, open a range of flavours and inexhaustible appearances.
In a non frontiers market, there are not space for the mixologic Puritanism, it is the moment to reconsider the “Mise en Place” of bars and make tamarinds preparation, papayas, mangas, soya milk, pitaya slices, jenjibre peaces, quince or kaffir lime twist.
The leaving point, has been the new elaboration ingredient list of the new cocktail bar, where the parameter about the good healthy are as important as the tasting.
Those preparations more elaborated and those cocktails that every time they need more blenders, they need a new office concept, a renovate place where the barmen are situated and they becomes to be a creative centres, of investigation and where part of the cocktails will be elaborated.

The Smoothies get dress for the night.

In the 90s in California the Smoothies were the kings, drinks prepare with fruits and vegetables passed in a electric mixer. There are very nutritive drinks even sometimes to much. This is just one of the horses battle of such a restless barman, to get lighter the texture keeping al proprieties and give the same flavour and glamour of the Cocktail.

Now the Smoothies get dress for the night, stylize the glasses, there are decorated with a orchid petals, mixed with soya drinks, rice and they are transformed in a pearl of the non-alcohol cocktail bar.

The”Spindle Mixer” reign.

Javier de las Muelas propose to get the most of the Cocktails, to get the maxim flavour, aroma and play with different textures, and every minute developing and have a continue transformation.
For all this he’s been developing new techniques with the Spindle Mixers, techniques that allow to make emulsions of any kind of Cocktail so in the beginning we will try a creamy area, almost without alcohol and that permit to feel all the aroma that sometimes it is hide from the strong ness of the alcohol. Step by step the air gets compact in to a delicious cream that floats on the cocktail as liquid, in that we enjoy while we drink it of two different textures but they complete each other perfectly.

Micro vegetables

Those are the particular project of Javier de las Muelas, one of the illustrated ingredient that mark the way of the evolution.
From the mystery and sensuality of “Nepenthes alata”, of the Sechuan pepper flower involved electricity, to the crusty and fresh Pepquiños. A world full of possibilities, like “Moshiso” ( a modern mojito make with green leafs and purple of Sisho). The “Oyster Martini”.(a Dry Martini that you eat it with an oyster stead of an olive and comes with an oyster leaves) The “Carnyvore” drives you crazy with an wild aspect and electric flavour.

The ice” the precious stone of the mixologist”

Without any doubt one of the most important elements in the cocktail word. About how pure and characteristics would depend of how successfully it is a good job. Basically is been used to freeze, but has a potential, Javier de las Muelas wants to make different flavours ,shapes and textures. A different world.

The Frozen were the started point and suggest a cocktail word based in this technique.
But with a very daring aesthetic and playing with the glass, part of the ingredients are prepare separately and put it simultaneity so that way the do not mix between them selves.
Since a simple approach , thanks to a polished technique where you use de classic “Blenders” with the current “Paco Jet” we managed Cocktail as bright as the 20s Pousse café, in this case completely frozen.

Rolling with this work, he created some ice stones that pretend more than to freeze a drink. The idea it is with those ice stones in different colours and with perfume each one, tomillo, mango, azahar, etc…Those fines aromas can be serve in a glass separately or as you prefer.

Javier de las Muelas decided to embrace the adventure with a sensational “Mise en Place” of tasting ingredient with a cuted ice stones, which you can serve with the right proportion in a cocktail in a base of a neutral alcohol, the ice very slowly going to melt making the cocktail harmony that we want. That it is produced because a funny game of temperatures , in this point, the ice means everything.

0,0 Proof

Free, absolutely free, of alcohol. A purpose that the cocktail world is still pending, that for decades didn’t know how to get away from the classic suggestion of a San Francisco, The Esmeralda or Shirley Temple. Drinks very sweetness and with a very inoffensive aesthetic. To know how to respond to a demanding of a free alcohol cocktail, is today a priority goal, this is serving drinks with no alcohol but full of flavour and colour. A one year’s work, has taken, the Dry Martini and Gimlet team, to achieve the remarking of great classic cocktails such as the Mojito or Venetian Spritz, the results are truly astonishing that invites us to drink fearless of ingesting not a single drop of alcohol.

Javier de las Muelas counts alt the Dry Martini and Gimlet with a very enthusiastic team of over 40 professionals composed by barman’s, cookery and pastry chefs, nutritionists and photographers.

Javier de las Muelas is Know internationally by great masters of cocktail world such as:

Charles Schumann’s.Munich:
Sasha Petraske. Milk and Money. New York
Colin Peter Field. Hemingway Bar, Hotel Ritz. Paris
Salim Khoury. American Bar, Hotel Savoy. Londres.

Tyler Brulée editor of Wallpaper and Monocle magazine, consider Dry Martini one of the 10 best big bars in the world.


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