Visiting Myriam Hendrickx at RUTTE & ZN. Producer of finest Genever, Liquors, Dry and Celery Gin

A few weeks ago, Thorsten Husmann told me about his new project he is now working for. RUTTE Distillateurs in Dordrecht, Netherlands. Rutte & ZN was bought three years ago by DE KUYPER Company and they have now set up some of their products to distribute also outside Netherlands.

The story on how small these company is (small shop, with a attached small distillery, warehouse, mini bottling and aroma laboratory (finally  a bigger "Kitchen")) sounded like a fairytale - and I could not believe.

So Thorsten invited me to visit them. And what I saw and who I meet, I felt in love with. Also, what I drunk.

I will come up with more about RUTTE here sone. First I did an Interview with the Masterdistiller Myriam Hendrickx. A very passioned woman, sympathetic and a real master of catching natural flavours in a liquid. I felt in love with her CUBAN COFFE, the Genever with fresh roasted Hazelnuts and also the new CELERY GIN.

I brought a bottle of Rutte Celery Gin to germany and I tried it in our Basil Smash. - Wow !

This Gin brings our GIN BASIL SMASH on the second level. Super interesting after taste. Complex - killed me. So I am negotiating with them now- how we bring a few boxes over to Le Lion - because I cannot wait to serve you a Celery Gin Basil Smash ( and sorry Mario - I know you will hate me for that)

Im going to do a talk with Myriam and Simon Difford on how Rutte is catching in all natural flavors in  liquids and how they do these special Genever and the Gins. I guess Myriam will come up with some valuable story on how to catch flavors for all your home flavour producers  ... so please feel free to join. At least I can serve you a Celery Gin Basil Smash! Enjoy the Interview.

• Tuesday 6.10.2015
• DEMO BAR A - English  - Time: 13:25 - 14:00
• RUTTE Distillateurs - Dordrecht, Niederlande
Über 140 Jahre Erfahrung im Herstellen von Spirituosen/Destillaten. Ein Gespräch mit Myriam Hendrickx (Master Distillerin), Simon Difford (Inhaber des Diffords Guide) und Jörg Meyer (Inhaber von Le Lion - Bar de Paris und The Boilerman Bar) über Vodka, Genever, Gin und einem außergewöhnlich guten Sellerie Gin.


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