DIAGEO's World Class is raising the bar: 100.000$ for the best Bartender. Are we going "Dog and Pony"?

This picture is traveling the social media bartender community this days. Tim Philips, a great bartender from Australia, won the 2012 World Class competition.  Congratulation to Tim, well done sir, well deserved.

And on this picture DIAGEO AUSTRALIA is announcing a PRICE for 2013 - 100.000$ for a new bar/project. This is an amazing RAISE for us bartender. Never ever some brand has supported a bartender with this among of money in a competition.

DIAGEO's World Class is becoming one of the, maybe THE, leading global bartender event in our world. Pulling out a 100.000 $ price money from DIAGEO DOWN UNDER is amazing - but also makes me feel uncomfortable.

I have never attended a serious Bartender Competition as a competitor. And I never will. And I like, that our trade become a little bit more attention. Chef's are the Media Gurus and they catch in lots of attention and money. Wine guys and sommelier do well, but the dirty old bartender is always last in line (O wait, I spotted the waiter behind him). But as we all know, Bartenders a the cool guys. So time for them to catch up. And thanks to the Industry to give us a platform.

But on the other side, I am afraid that this one day maybe becomes a "xxx got Talent" Show. The big Bartender Circus, spread on Media. And I am not sure if this is the way, I would like to see my trade promoted. I like our trade, I love my job. I hate Talent Shows and Media Bullshit when it comes the mass entertainment.  Raising the Bar with 100.000 $ and more price money is amazing. Let's just make sure, nobody is creating the big bartenders dog and pony show.

What do you think?


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