Martini recommendation: Nolet's Silver Dry Gin Martini with Giovanni Massimino

Giovanni Massimo at THE GEORGE HAMBURG.JPG


I do not like BEST OF list's. No BEST Bar. No BEST Gin. It is always related to situation and mood. One Bar in Hamburg, where I quite often go for a night cup, is the bar in THE GEORGE HOTEL in St. George. Two main reasons for it. First of all: I like the people working there. Giovanni Massimino is a fantastic host. Second reason. I live five minute food walk aways, so it my neighborhood bar.

A few days ago I went their late at night and saw dozens of bottles of Nolet's Silver Dry Gin in the back board. I have heard about this Gin, as far as I know made for the US Market, but never tried it yet. I made Mr. Nolet a few times around the world but always had his Ketel Vodka. So, I was in the mood the dry this Gin.

Giovanni gave us a sip to try and it is a very unusual gin, very floral, a kind of eau de vie tasting for me as well. And I liked it. Such a floral beauty needs to be tried as a Martini. And it was floral delicious, far away from a classic dry martini. I changed my Night Cup modus (2 Negronis before did not count) into Dorothy Parker style and decided to go to No. 3 (For  No. 4, it was the wrong company)

So, when you are in Hamburg, and up for a unusual Martini experience, visit Giovanni at THE GEORGE, highly recommended.



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