The ECC LES NYC - Experimental Cocktail Club - Lower East Side - New York City has opened this week

They did it again. The Parisian Bar Mafia: Romée, Pierre Charles and Oliver. In 2010 - they told me here at "Cocktail and Spirits Paris", that they are going to open a coffee Shop New York Style...
And now, they even did better: The opend Experimental Cocktail Club Lower East Side Style - in New York.
ECC LES -  191 Chrystie - Lower East Side - New York
191 Chrystie,
New York O
Open Mon – Sun: 19:00 – 04:00

I really like the fact, that Xavier Padovani told me from the opening night, that he did not understand the complex menu. Looks like Bar Manager Nicolas de Soto did a great job.  (And Mr. Padovani is maybe just getting old …)
When you digg into the NY Cocktailian Blogs, they seem to love the menu very well.
Bild 1
Menu by Nicolas de Soto

Next to small list (14 Drinks) a nice selection of Champagne, one beer and some small food, ECC-LES, like Chinatown and Paris, is offering a nice selection of vintage spirits.
Bild 2
Vintage Spirits at ECC LES NYC

ECC-LES has two bars and some secrets to discover. I really love the fact, that COCO from Berlin left ECC Chinatown and opened ECC LES. He is and amazing hosts  and now the Maitre D' of ECC-LES and I think, the NY Crowd will love him.
Bild 3
The One and Only - The fabulous Mr. CoCo from Berlin

It looks like, and I do like this fact, that the parisan bar mafia is taking over World Domination on cool, small bars around the globe. One years ago, the Paris Trio and their partner Xavier opened ECC Chinatown and this spot became extremely successful and a London Hot Spot in a very short time.
I remember when Mario and me had Dinner with Xavier  in LE DOME after Belgium Barshow and Xavier told us about an Twitter / Blogger "Shitstorm" which was just blowing about ECC Chinawtowns Door Policy.
He showed me his Reservation Blackberry and they receive more than 200 email a day with reservation request and have just 100 seats to offer.  Unbelievable !
So, Fingers crossed for the new Venue in NYC. But I am sure, they will become a very cool place in the NY Bar Scene very quick. Vincent Marino (GM), Nicoloas de Soto and Coco will serve you a breathtaking night, drinking in ECC LES - this one for sure!
The Beef Club Paris ( Steakhouse & Club)


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