R.I.P Charlie Haden - thank you for your help building my dream

When you build a bar, you need lots of things. You need money for sure. But that is just money. You need time, patience, luck, stainless steel, wood, pipes, light and paint. You need to fight against people. And you need to make a team. You need to find friends for your bar - people who love your  bar. Your day needs 28 hours. You need glasses, shakers, ice and people. You need humor and you need to laugh, best about yourself. And you need music.

And while you build your bar, you need to find the time to sit down, late at night, on your own, and listen to "your" music. You need to day and night dream and imagine how this all will feel when your bar is open and how you will run it. You have to close your eyes and dream it. While listening to "your" music.

When I build my bar Le Lion • Bar de Paris I have very often listen to Charlie Haden. And very often to my favorite Album of all times.  "Night and The City" by Charlie Haden and Kenny Baron, Recorded at the Iridium Jazz Club in NY City in 1996.

I have dreamed with your music for hours, you haven given me great advice gentlemen.

Today I got news that Charlie Haden died. I always had a dream, that one day I will build a Jazz Bar and invite my favorite Players. Charlie Haden and Kenny Baron were top of this "Who to invite" to my Jazz-Bar list. I need to catch up with this dream. The list is becoming shorter. Sorry Mr. Haden - maybe we can catch up on my dream when I am following you.

R.I.P Charlie Haden, and thank you for helping me building my dream.


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