A Traveling Mixologists needs your help ...

If you know what is behind  THE TRAVELING MIXOLOGISTS, I would like to ask you for help. I just pulled out my old bartenders traveling bag, which I used to use for this events and became a little bit sentimental...

And I realized that I have lost most of the videos and photos I had from our Traveling Mixologists events. I use to store all the videos at sevenload, which used to be the german youtube. But this b********* (swearword) at sevenloads have decided time ago to delete all old content and it looks like I somehow mist this notification. And because of severals mac changes and some harddisk break downs and one thievery I somehow realized that I missed most of the video, photo footage .... damn!

So, I would like to ask you: Do you still have Photos or Videos from our Traveling Mixologists sessions?

If so, I would be very happy if you can send them to me. Email, dropbox, wetransfer or upload to youtube etc... whatever. Please let me know at joerg {at.} jrgmyr.net or any chanel you prefer.

Thank you - looks like I owe you a Basil Smash!


  1. Great set of drinks you got there for your friend, and a nice bag as well! Cheers!


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