About the movie: "HEY, BARTENDER" by Douglas Tirola and a new bar to visit in NY

Short reading instruction: If you read this before prepping or after your shift in your bar, mix yourself a propper drink. If you read this at home or on the road, a healthy measure of whiskey in a tumbler or a well filled hip flask will do the same job. Turn on the youtube video and listen to the audio while reading and drinking. This will not change the quality of my lousy english, but hopefully it will distract you enough not to realize it..."

a few week ago I had the outstanding pleasure of watching the movie "HEY, BARTENDER".

Wow. I need a drink. Still.

I am not a big fan of long reviews.  I like to have it quick and dirty. I am a bartender. And to serve you this as a shot: I LOVE THIS MOVIE. If you somehow related to bartending or bartenders - you should watch it.

Buy it, travel for it, try to make it happen. Donate for it. What ever. And please, where ever you meet Mr. Triola in a bar on this planet, buy him a drink!  A big thank you to Mr. Tirola for setting this up. When ever you come to Hamburg - I promise here and now - we take care. Let me know!

So, what is "Hey Bartender" all about?

to me, in general, it is a great story about two bartenders. One is an Ex-Marine,  Mr. Steven Schneider.

How he became a bartender, changed to Employees Only in NYC, worked around two years as an apprentice at EO , visiting TALES OF THE COCKTAILS with the Employees Only Team, wining  the Award of WORLDS BEST BAR and finally became a principal bartender.

Listen to Steve Schneider, watching his progress is already a great story. But this is filled with great interview, statements and videos on the job with the greatest people of our industry. But we can't break with an old  MLHNY rule - "No Name dropping, no Star fucking"...

The number of great bartenders and owners, colleagues and friends here is hugh. And they give great quotes. Steves Story, The Employees Only Story, mixed up with all this great people and listen to what they have to say is a great cocktail. A perfect serve.

But, next to all this is another "hero" of the show. He gives this breathtaking world  his point of view. He runs a bar - Dunville's in Westport. He is far away from the "modern bartender & mixologists  society".  He is serving his neighbors, has lot'a of regulars, and is spending his time with them. In the beginning he is kind of saying "Why should I travel to New Orleans and listen to speakers about an industry where I am successfully in since 20 years?" - and he is so right. So you see him dealing with his customers, making them happy, serving them a good time.

But somehow Mr. Tirola made him visiting Tales of the Cocktails in 2011. And it is great to see someone getting in touch with this crazy part of the bartender world and soaking in inspiration. And after three days, you can feel that this may have changed his view on the job. He is still very critic,  doesn't like all of it ("This is maybee the first drink I have tried in these days, which I could serve to my customers") and this is the greatest part of it.

But he picks his parts out. And I have the feeling that he might change things in Westport soon (or did already). And following a honest, hard working bartender during this movie, seeing how he get in touch with "our" world, listening to Dale de Groff and others, takes his parts out - is fantastic to watch at.

The Film tell the Story of how all began. The new Cocktail Movement. For sur in America. IT gives Tribute to Dale, and Audrey,Julie, Sasha, David etc...

For sure, most people from other countries will complain about this. It is a little bit like Tales of the Cocktails. TOTC and the Awards is an american event - the same with this film. But I think its good to keep this all for the records - in general I highly agree with the story told here from 2000 on in New York.

It took Mr. Tirola quite a long time to publish this and as I have heard, William Grant and Son has become a supporter of this film - at least for all the events when they now show this film all over america in local, handpicked movies.

But still, you hear lots of voices from the whole industry and I have really enjoyed this film.

"Hey Bartender" - pour yourself a drink and sit down for a movie night!

And for sure - on my next US Trip I need to visit this bar DUNVILLE'S in Westport. I do like this bartender - need to spend some time and a few drinks with him.

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