THE SPICY MORGENTHALER - a very surprising drink - or: How to use Spiced Gin!



A few weeks ago, the Lions did a pop up bar at the spirits trade Show "Hanse Spirit". At Night we ran a bar and the Idea of the menu was people tasting different spirits in different drinks. Late in the night we ran out of classic London Dry Style Gin, which we needed for a Richmond Gimlet on the menu. So I tried a Richmond Gimlet version with one of my favorite Martini Gins and the last one we had in stock: DARNLEY'S VIEW SPICED GIN. 

This stuff is a very special gin. I guess the category of SPICED GIN is something which is not 100% clear and I promise you, this will not be the last Gin promoting this super clever category.  Because DARNLEY'S SPICED GIN is a very unique add to the upcoming Gin wave of new "Western Style" gins. Very interesting, amazing Martini Gin, and by the way, which I like very much, for a reasonable price! (In germany 700ml bottle is about 23,- € incl. tax - I will like the fact if western style gin could go in this direction as well and not always start beyond 30,- / 40,- € for 700ml)

So, late at night, with no London Dry around,  I decided to mix this great Morgenthaler Drink, The Richmond Gimlet, with this Spiced Gin and *BOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM* - it blew my mind. (And not many drinks I have ever tasted reached this point!)

Citrus juice opens this gin baby unbelievably. I really do hate bullshit descriptions of tasting impressions but close your eyes, smell at the glass and you are immediately catapulted to Spice Market in New Dehli. Wow!

Red pepper, black pepper, curry, yakitory spice, fruits, melons … BOOM BOOM BOOM. In a fresh combination with lime and mint. Awesome.

Tonight I recommended this "new" drink at THE TASTING ROOM and I sold four bottles of Spiced Gin. This is a Killer Drink - people LOVED IT. Little bastard me, doublestrain again, my bartenders will hate me (again, basil boy!)

I decided to change Mr. Morgenthaler recipe a little. He goes for equal parts of lime and simple sirup (1 oz) but I prefer it a little bit more fresh. On the other side, lots of the people I served tonight, enjoyed and loved also Mr. Morgenthaler one to one sweet and sour style.

I decided to serve this Drink on cubes in a tumbler and rename this version of a spicy Richmond Gimlet. I called it THE SPICY MORGENTHALER to give a tribute to this awesome bartender Morgenthaler. 

Ladies and Gentleman, buy yourself a bottle of DARNLEY'S SPICE GIN (while it is still kind of cheap) and get prepared for a very refreshing summer trip to the Spice Market … *BOOOOM*



(A spicy tribute to Jeffrey Morgenthalers Richmond Gimlet)


30 ml of fresh lime juice

20 to 30 ml of simple sirup (to your taste, I prefer "fresh")

large sprig mint

Shake ingredients well over ice and dole strain into a chilled tumbler on fresh and ice cold ice cubes. Garnish with a lovely looking top of a mint sprig


Read more about the RICHMOND GIMLET

or visit Jeffrey Morgenthaler at

another of my favorite "Spice Gin" sips - the SPICY MARTINI


Edit: Don't get me wrong. Technically Darnley's Spiced Gin is a London Dry type gin. (says on the bottle) But this "sub category" of SPICED Gin with a very strange tasting profile give this gin a yet unknown dimension. If we look "strayed" at Gin and its "Botanicals" all Gins are kind of "spiced". But I think "Marketeers" will love this new "SPICED" Category. 


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