Two with a teaspoon of a second - a very special Islay Whisky

DRAM GOOD TWO with a TEAspoon

You know the game. I am subscribed to a few dozen of booze and bartending newsletters. Normally I do not read them anymore. Not enough time. But from time to time, when I am going to delete my Inbox and have a little time by side - I have a look.

Lucky me, I had a look in one of the Autum/WInter newsletters from Andreas Caminneci from .

Mr. Caminneci is know in the Malt Whisky World. He has set up his own label of Malt Whiskys. DRAM GOOD , by C&S Since 2005 . Collectors of fine Malts know what I am talking about. If you are a collector or connaisseur, don't miss to sign up for Mr. Caminneci's Newsletter.

I love the Idea of DRAM GOOD and his DRAM COLLECTION Whiskys. Great Whisky for a good price. Whisky is selected together with his Partner, Brian Morrision (Sottland, Former Owner of BOWMORE Distillery). No Marketing Budget, no stupid stuff. Good Whisky. When the barrel is empty, they produce something new. 

So. DRAM GOOD just brought out now fillings. And I have fallen in love with one - without even trying it. (Well, now I have tried it and even love it more).

Normally, all the  Whisky I buy, is to sell it in my bars. So, I am not buying it for putting it into my cabinet - I want people to ask for it, buy it, drink it in my bars. For sure, we sell  only products, I like. And to fall in love with them, in general I need a story.

All Booze Companies like to tell us a story. But lets face it: Most of the stories are just not worth listening to it. But the Story of this one made me smile:

You buy a barrel of fresh 6 year old Laphroaig Whisky and add one Teaspoon of another Whisky to the barrel. So it is a BLENDED SOTCH MALT WHISKY. But in fact you have an amazing young Laphroig with 6 Years, aged in Bourbon Barrels with 50. % VOl. And it is delicious. It is sweet sweet sweet, strong, young, and great Dram of Islay Whisky. Its a great value for money: Bottle is under 40,00 €. And most important. You have a story to tell. Many of the Malt lovers in our bar ask for Islay. And if you tell them the story, they go for  a DRAM from the "TWO with a teaspoon of the second" Distillery.

Well Done Mr. Caminecci. Great DRAM. Great Fun. Great value for money. Great story to tell and to sell. I need to get a few extra bottles before you guys do.


Single Cask Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

No Colouring - Non chill-filtered

Bottled by: The Scottish Liqueur Centre LTD - Perth

Distillery: Two With a Teaspoon of The Second

Region: ISLAY (South)

Cask Type: Bourbon Barrel

Bottling: 17.09.2012

AGE: 6 Years

Alcohol by Volume: 50.0 %

Date of Distillation 14/09/2006


P.S.: I have  seen it here at WEINQUELLE - 39,90 € incl. Vat


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