Follow up: DIAGEOS World Class - Moscow today and how bartenders were selected 2009 and 2010 in Germany

Oh, what a week. This OPEN LETTER to DIAGEO was a little bit time consuming . Reading and answering quite a lot of email & comments. But first of all, I really like the fact that Mrs Louise Mc Guane, Global Commercial Marketing Manager from DIAGEO Reserve toke the time the answer every Question on this case here in the comments. I think, the IBB Brothers from Moscow and their „Problem with WORLD CLASS“  is now also noticed in London. And also, DIAGEOS point of view is clear and to me comprehensible.
Some more point on this case:
  • Adam Elmegirab wrote his take about WORLD CLASS on his THE JERRY THOMAS PROJECT blog. „WORLD CLASS 3? More like WORLD WAR 3...
  • In the comments, Miguel F. Lancha from Spain is writing about the spanish experience with WORLD CLASS
  • Kind a lot of Bartenders from Russia now united and you can follow their acitivites on a facebook group. They call themselve : Diageo World „Class B“ Russia
  • Rustam Ganeev, Bartender Moscow, let me know that many Headbartenders from Moscow (names like  Ale Kan, Riman Milostyvi, Dimitriy Sokolow, Seiran Gevorkian) now start to boycott DIAGEO brands. They start to sign their BAR with Sticker „NO DIAGEO WITHIN“...

So, it seem, that the Case in Moscow is yet not solved. A boycott to me seems to be a very big step and, I could not imagne, if I would do such a step. Because, there is one golden rule in a bar: No Politics! So, I do not know all details in moscow and I won‘t judge, but if boycotting a brand brings you issue with a brand to the face of your customers and influces your daily business - this may violate my old "No Politics in the Bar" rule.

After all this happen, I had a talk to a bartender in germany. And suddenly he reminds me how WORLD CLASS in Germany was set up in 2009 / 2010. Finally, nobody even asked for or was complaining about this.
  • 2009 - As I mentioned before, I had a splendid time to be part of the TANQUERRAY TEN TABLE. Ten Bartenders from Germany, Swizzerland and Austria come together every two month in different cities and celebrate the PERFECT MARTIN. While a Dinner with this TEN Bartenders and a few friends, our man from DIAGEO informed us that DIAGEO is now setting up a GLOBAL Event called WORLD CLASS. They need a german attendant and they like us to select one of our group. So while Dinner, we discussed who had time to join in London and vote for on of germany greatest Bartender, Ricardo Albrecht. No competion at all, but also no Problem at all.
  • 2010 - DIAGEO selected a few German Bartenders which where send to the NORD European Finals in Amsterdam/Rotterdam. Here they selected another Great German Bartender, Mrs. Thorsten Spuhn to take Part at the WORLD CLASS FINALS in Athens ... no real Competiton, as far as I know. * EDIT: Please see the Comments section. Helmut Adam from Mixology was so kind to correct me. There was a Competition:

  • 2011 - Rumors say, that this year will be rreliminary round. But as far as I know jet, nobody know any details.

So, a question to all bartenders out there. How did DIAGEO set up the WORLD CLASS in your Country in 2009, 2010 and 2011 ... any details someone?

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