BCB - Where to meet me...

So, very quick one ... time to leave to Berlin. It's BCB time. What Mixology Magazin and barworkz set up this years seems to be the hottest Bar Show on this Planet. My Facebook Account showed me today a few hundreds status update which where like "Up to Berlin" "BCB here we come" etc ...

Mixology, Barworkz, BCB TEAM ...YOU ARE ROCKSTARS!

So, this time I have quite a few appointment ... please join if you like:

Tonight: from 21.00 - Traveling Mixologist unofficial BB Opening at BAR TAUSEND Berlin

Monday, 4.10.2010

On Stage: Discussion about food in Bars

Signature Session COCKTAILIAN at BCB (20.00 to 21.00)


Tuesday, 5.10.2010

On Stage: Early Session with my great Team from LE LION and Hendrick Thoma about Champagne

16.00 to 17.00 at BCB - at the BACARDI BAR --- Daiquiris Session ...Dale DeGroff and me are doing mixing you this great refreshing drink... Mr. Steffen Lohr will watch our fingers....

At Night ... On Stage at the BAR AWARDS ... DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW!

Hope to see you somewhere!


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