Today: 10.7.2009 - we celebrate the first birthday of the GIN BASIL SMASH at Le Lion - Bar de Basil

Honestly... a week ago, we would completely forget about. But, happy me & WEB 2.0 nerd, I read a blog from a Bar I have never been to and was wondering: Cool - they celebrate the Birthday of LE LION's Gin Basil Smash ... so maybe we should do as well (So - thanks to Roman Koffer)?

So ... it started a year ago at Bitter-Blog (R.I.P). The Gin Pesto Post. Shortly after this one, I found some Red Basil and started the Gin RED Basil Smash. So ... don't know why ... think it is a delightful Drink and the guest really listen to you if you put BASIL in a classic, more and more bars start serving this Basil Smash drinks. We had some Summer Weekends where people killed all Gin and Basil stock we had .... amazing! Bastian Heuser (Beuser), from Mixology Magazin Berlin wrote about the Smash and Jeffrey Morgenthaler put it in his speach/presentation at Bar Convent Berlin. So... The Basil Smash Movement started: First in Germany, then in a few more places over the World.
Lovely Bar put the Basil Smash Variations on the list, more and more.

Later on... Mr. Hepburn fly in to Hamburg for a Basil Smash and made it a OH GOSH video (and my english again is really really aweful!)

At least, yesterday, I recived an email. Basil Smash is now on the Cocktail Menue of one of the biggest German Chain operated TEX MEX Companies ... Sausalitos. Questionable fame?

So, if you like to do me a favour, please ... give me your story about the Gin Basil Smash as a comment. Did you see it on a menu somewhere, do you serve a Basil in your bar, did you ever do some at home? All Basil Smash related to me please! If you have a menu ... send me a .pdf via joerg @

Thank you!

So ... The Basil Smash love is running around the World. It is also great with Agave Tequila and also with some Rye and Bourbon. So: do not forget to celebrate tonight! Come to Le Lion or mix yourself a Basil somewhere on the World tonight. And send us a Photo!

Btw. is currently arround 700 with the "Gin Basil Smash"

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