Blood Sugar Baby Sex Magic ... a talk about modern Rum - sugar, additives, glycerin, vanillin, caramel, systema solera

Yesterday we had a great tasting on Compagnie des Indes Rum Range at our PINE ROOM. And as promised, I tried to catch up with the maker Florent Beuchet. So we found the time to sit down about a chat on "modern rum" ... I loved it. I love Florents honesty.

So, modern Rum often means

  • adding sugar, any types of, of the 120 gr per liter
  • adding caramel for color and sweetness
  • adding vanillin - up to 110 times more than is possible by wood aging
  • adding additives like glycerin
  • faking the age with this stupid system solera.
Please enjoy this 45 minutes on Rum and Compagnie des Indes.

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