THE BUSINESS OF BARS: The top 30 selling Brands and Drinks at THE BOILERMAN BAR

THE BOILERMAN BAR Top 10 Sales from October 2014 to October 2015

A little bit longer than 3 years ago, our company Lion Barbetriebe GmbH opened their second bar: THE BOILERMAN BAR. Our Idea was to create a kind of total opposite of LE LION • BAR DE PARIS our Classic Bar in the center of Hamburg.

So we created a Dive Bar concept, where we took all thinks, which we do not like on dive bars, out. Our goal was an easy and relaxing neighborhood, dive  bar with a little bit uptempo atmosphere. But to keep our core values from also Le Lion. Very friendly, competent staff, fresh and quality ingredients, a great value for money. The rest we flipped. Next to this we wanted to create quick and easy to prepare drinks. Not boring. With a story. Great in taste. And strong and tasteful ( another Lions core value).

So we researched the history of Highballs and found out that they are everything else than Longdrinks, Spirits with a filler and all these boring style. (btw: Still the Definition of Highballs is kind of  „wrong“ in every modern Bar Book I found to this date). So we gave Highballs a great rebirth and created a very quick preparation system behind these mixed drinks with the most important rule: Quality first. 

Hoshizaki Ice Balls, Premixed, No shaker, Boilerman Working styles worked out very good. And more important for the customers: We made them smaller in size and price. So its more fun to taste more different drinks a night without getting hammered or poor.

We created Highballers. I love the definition from “Some one who works harder than a motherfucker“. We created Highballer behind the bar and „before“. Cool people hanging out in Eppendorfer Weg 211. 

Andrej Busch, Headbartender of Boilerman Bar, and his great team, since than did a mind-blowing job. 

And we „reached“ our secret goal. Since we lost 3 years long lots of money in establishing our classic Bar LE LION • BAR DE PARIS (which now operates smooth and finically successful) we wanted to create a system which becomes finically successful from the beginning.

And our evil plan worked out. Operation THE BOILERMAN BAR  „makes“ money from the first day.

Boilerman is a small bar. Around 35 seats and maybe 35 to 40 people to stand when it becomes very crowded. In three years we kind of doubled the yearly sales. In the last 12 month (October 2014 to October 2015) our Brutto sales was: 614.321,50 €. Nowadays, Friday, Saturday and Thursday night becomes sometimes so crowded, that we need to rebuild the working station a little bit in the near future to create a kind of second one. In the Moment, up to 4000,00 € of sales are done by one bartender a night. And please remember: Boilerman drinks are smaller in price and size. Most drinks are from 5,00 € to 7,50 €. So 600 + Highballs on a busy night. 

Currently we work with a cloud based POS Ipad system called Gastrofix. I know, most people still think that running a small bar is all about creating Cash Money. But believe me, times have changed, Mafia days are over. The Business of Bar and Hospitality is a tough and awesome business. So I love numbers and great system to check them. 

Because of our weekly staff training I looked up the sales of the last 12 month and found them kind of interesting. 1/6 of all sales is our interpretation of the Gin Basil Smash - our Gin Basil Highball.

Gin is still a super big seller. Hendrick’s is strong. The Hamburg GIN SUL first time overtook the loved MONKEY 47. German Gin in general is strong!

The focus of THE BOILERMAN BAR is from the beging on American Whiskey. The awesome ELIJAH CRAIG 12 years we sold a few palettes over the last 3 years. No better Bourbon to get for your money. We are sad to hear that Heaven Hill will soon bring out a Non Age Elijah Craig version. Guess we drunk out all the good stuff. Not enough 12 years old left. So, hurry up to order your palette of this awesome stuff.

At Boilerman Bar we sell Classic Whiskey Cocktails as a kind of "Build it your own" System. You choose the 2 ounces of liquor you like and we add just 2,00 € for mixing you for example the "Smoothes Whiskey Sour in town" (without a shaker !) . Just to explain you what „BOURBON SOUR SERVICE“ 2,00 € Sales are. 

Behind the Drinks we name the main spirits brand which we currently use in the this drink. We never do pouring contracts our something related at our bars. We let the customer and the our feeling for good quality decide. In my opinion, pouring contracts with brands are the wrong way to go for a good bar. We ask for good prices for volume for sure. But no contracts. If we decide that another ingredients is better than the one we used till today, we change menu and recipe the other day. I love this freedom.  (But still, looks like I have to talk to Sven Sudeck from the Retailer Company: BORCO Marken Import Hamburg. As I realized, many of the brands come from BROCO. Looks like they have a great understanding of finding value for money in the market. Time for a price negotiation ...) 

So, „enjoy“ our Top 30 selling products list from THE BOILERMAN BAR. If you have any questions or „opinions“ let me know via comment or send me a mail at joerg (at) jrgmyr . net .

QuantityArticlePriceTotal Sales
14060Gin Basil Highball (Finsburry Platinum Gin)7,00 €98420,00 €
6216Moscow Mule CC ( Green Mark Vodka)6,50 €40404,00 €
3821Fl. Ratsherrn Pilsener 0,33 ltr. BEER4,50 €17194,50 €
3197Fl. Tegernseer Hell 0,5 ltr. BEER5,50 €17583,50 €
2596Bourbon Sour Service ( various Bourbons)2,00 €5192,00 €
2558Hendrick’s Gin & Tonic7,00 €17906,00 €
2366Sloppy Joe‘s Mojito (Bacardi Gold)6,50 €15379,00 €
2229London Buck (Hayman’s Royal Dock Gin)6,50 €14488,50 €
1779Dark n‘ Stormy (OVD Rum)6,50 €11563,50 €
1754Highball of the day (various - daily)5,50 €9647,00 €
1660Gin SUL Gin & Tonic7,50 €12450,00 €
1660Pimm‘s Cup5,50 €9130,00 €
1584Monkey 47 Gin & Tonic7,50 €11880,00 €
1575Cuba Libre ( Abuelo Anejo Rum)6,00 €9450,00 €
1550Elijah Craig 12 Years, 6 cl9,00 €13950,00 €
1518Tanqueray Gin & Tonic6,00 €9108,00 €
1503Weinschorle Riesling WINE4,00 €6012,00 €
1401Bourbon Highball (Elijah Craig 12 Years)6,50 €9106,50 €
1266Fl. Ratsherrn Pale Ale 0,33 ltr. BEER4,50 €5697,00 €
1224New York Sour Highball (Four Roses Bourbon)7,00 €8568,00 €
1129Fl. DEMORY PARIS Astroblonde Pils 0.33 ltr. BEER4,00 €4516,00 €
962THE RAMOS Highball (Hayman’s Old Tom Gin)7,50 €7215,00 €
960Fl. Buddel Ship IPA 0,33 ltr. BEER4,50 €4320,00 €
879Glas Riesling Wittmann 0,1 ltr WINE4,00 €3516,00 €
818Harvey Wallbanger ( 42 Below Vodka)6,50 €5317,00 €
744Elijah Craig 12 Years, 3 cl4,50 €3348,00 €
721Green Mark Vodka Traditional Weizen, 3 cl4,50 €3244,50 €
711Spicy Morgenthaler Highball ( Darnleys Spiced Gin)6,50 €4621,50 €
652Whitley Neill Gin & Tonic7,00 €4564,00 €
648Panamento (Abuelo Anjeo Rum)7,00 €4536,00 €
Total Sales top 30 Articles Incl TAX388327,50 €


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