How to fuck up a speech on a barshow. A little "Black Out" during my BCB Session

It seemed like this years BCB my good old friend Bastian Heuser wanted to make me a present. He asked me If I could do a speech on BCB on „How to open a bar“. I agreed. 

As he send me later the Schedule, I was like:  „WOW“: Second day of BCB. Last Speech on Mixology Stage. Thats absolutely prime time. I love this final slot. The atmosphere is always very cool. Everybody is  a little bit in party mood. Its show time. I am fine with it.

I have done dozen's of speeches on bar shows. I would say about myself, that I have quite a routine. 

The theme was great for me. I love to talk about things I actually have done, I stop talking about things I have never experience myself. Opening a bar I have done at least 5 times in my life now. all good!  So I had written down my major points on my „how to open a bar“, had sorted out a little story for each of them and wanted to open my speech with our little film LIQUID COURAGE about our young and very talented bartender Hendrik Albrecht. Emotions!  And a little rant on a brandy company which fucked up there last cocktail competition, because they failed to answer applications - also the one from Hendrick .

So I started my speech and knew that the video, and the first little rant would be a laugh and an applause. The right start for the audience to relaxe and get a little infotainment at the end of two long barshow days and longer nights.

And there, after 15 or 20 minutes, I felt it the first time. All of a sudden I felt dizzy. Shaky, loosing a little bit control for seconds, felt like my blood circulation was breaking down a little bit. It was hot, very hot on stage. I haven’t had food since 9 am. What was going on?

It was only a short moment of time. I started to go back to my talk. But couldn’t focus anymore. While I tried to go on with my talk, the other side of my brain tried to check myself.  The giddiness came back, a little longer, a little more intense. Meanwhile, the other side of my brain continued talking. But I lost control. I tried to follow my speech, but I had totally lost the track. I talked , as far as I guess right now, quite nonsense. I became a little panic: Will I black out on stage ? 

Finally I decided I had to stop my talk. It was already lost for at least 10 to 15 minutes talking more or less stupid stuff.  People gave me still an applause, that confused me even more in the moment ( But which I appreciate very much from this perspective - merci!) 

I needed fresh air. I had to leave the stage. I fucked up the final session of BCB. And I hated it. I love to deliver. This time, it wasn’t possible for me.

Friday and Saturday I suffered from a very bad flu. I decided to go Sunday towards BCB to do an event at Croco Bleu. Since Sunday Aspirin Complex was becoming my very good friend. I stayed away from most of the alcohol offered all days and night (And it is a lot - as you all know ..) But the nights became long. And sleep was very less. Aspirin Complex is a very nice "upper". So at least it "seemed" all the days. An Mixology Award night with a great Award to celebrate, two great days on the trade show, and great nights and dinners.

But finally it all was a little bit to much. Shame is, that I disappointed a great audience. I am sorry for that. 

One thing on the other other hand surprise me. The among of messages reaching out for me after I left stage.  If I am ok?  Wow. Thanks you all! 

Yes, I am fine. Just wanted it all in one with a flu inside. And got a red card for it. I have learned my lesson. Sorry for not delivering as promised this time. 


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